Cubby House – Part 4

Well it’s been quite a long time since I updated the progress of the cubby house. I guess a lot has happened in between! There has been progress each week except when my son and and I fled the country for two weeks in horror at the sheer lack of competency of the NSW Education system obviously.

Since the last post, which I believe showed the cubby all clad and ready for painting, I have done rather a lot and so has my husband.

While Daddy devised a plan for the windows, I applied undercoat over a couple of days with the following result.

The White House:


The next stage was deciding on a colour scheme. I decided that a classic red, white and blue would work well. After all, the house has to be decorated nicely in consideration of how prominent it is in our garden!

So I started with the verandah, while Daddy spent some quality time with the animals.


I can tell you that painting stripes on a house is rather time consuming. I am proud to say though that I got my husband to give me pencil guide lines and then I painted the stripes freehand and they look really straight, even and awesome πŸ™‚

After spending time with the animals, Daddy arrived out of the garage with a fabulous window that flips open and even has perspex ‘glass’ and everything! All he then had to do was install it!


Our son helped out, or maybe just looked on as the installation happened. Excitement levels were extremely high though!


Two more windows were installed and I put the first coat of stripes on the final side. Then I painted the side windows, and now I just need to paint the front window (which is really awesome for playing ‘shops’ with play money and makes for a great maths lesson!)



And that’s the state of the cubby as of today! A little bit more painting to do on both the outside and the inside, but it’s looking really great so far.

Daddy will then have the great task of creating a rope spider web net leading from the cubby house to the entrance of the trampoline for little ‘spiders’ to make their way across safely on that high side of the house!


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2 Responses to Cubby House – Part 4

  1. Andrea Lee says:

    Really Nice! great Artististic paint work and carpentary work!

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