Adventure and riches

We have been very busy here in Denver enjoying the very fine weather.

There is definitely a sleeping issue with my son but I’ve decided not to argue about it and he’s been staying awake until nearly midnight most nights. The great thing is that he has also been sleeping in until nearly ten the next day.

Since I last posted, we’ve been shopping which was fun for me. Not as fun as it used to be since I have a strict budget to adhere to, but fun all the same. Naturally the boy wasn’t made to come shopping with me as that just doesn’t work for him. He was pretty happy too though as he got to go to McDonald’s with Nanny and Grandad while I shopped!

I finally got those red Converse shoes I’ve been dreaming about for a while now, and outlet shopping in the USA meant that they cost less than half what I would have to pay in Australia!

Apart from missing my husband, Dog, chickens and cat, I really miss my espresso coffee machine!! I’m sorry America, but you just don’t understand real Italian coffee!

On Thursday, my Mum shouted me a massage at the place she uses and they took the little one gold panning at 4 Mile Historic Park while I enjoyed the massage and then a quiet lunch and an eyebrow threading. Ahh bliss!

When they came to pick me up, my son told me all about the gold panning and how much gold he had found. He was so incredibly excited! Who would have thought that gold panning could be so exciting?! He assured me most animatedly that his day was waaaaayyyy more fun than mine. Hee hee cute!

That night we went out for dinner to the restaurant voted best in Denver right now. It was really delicious. Really really delicious. Sadly there just wasn’t enough in my sons plate to really fill him up. Luckily, there was a “bread man” who kept coming by with a basket full of fresh French bread so he managed. I was delighted when an elegant older American woman sitting near us leaned across to my son and told him that his dinner manners were so lovely that he had been a pleasure to dine beside!

And this is a kid that school can’t keep from climbing out of windows and hitting people! There you go! When he’s not anxious, he’s delightful. I’ve only given him his Ritalin twice since we got here and dinner was not one of the days!

Yesterday we went to the Denver Zoo. My son was in a bit of a mood when we got there so I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out, but I managed to calm him down and get him back on track and we all had a really excellent time and saw heaps of cool animals.

Today I needed to return to the outlets to exchange some of the clothes I got him that didn’t quite fit, and he did go a bit mental in the shoe shop after a Father swatted his arm away when he was trying to show a baby his little soft toy. My son became very indignant and was hard to calm back down. Luckily, I didn’t really see what had happened or I may have been inclined to have words with the guy. Sadly, shops are tricky for him and we didn’t really have a choice of taking him somewhere else while I made the exchanges. Nanny ended up taking him to the car to get him away from the noise and crowds and all was well. Then I bribed him with a new Lego set to come into the shops and walk calmly beside me while Grandad picked up Nanny’s watch from the repairers. I know that’s not great, but he has been so very good since we’ve been here. One more Lego set won’t hurt right?

There has of course been a lot of swimming and jeep driving in between all the other adventures. He’s definitely happiest at home just playing with me or Nanny and swimming. He’s still tricky when exposed to the greater public though and that’s something we’ll have to work on.

As we approach time to go back home. I’ve been thinking about how hard it’s going to be to home school him. When will I get to talk to my friends or do the grocery shopping?! He’s not great at the shops, but I guess I will be able to get him to help. It can be a lesson. Maybe writing a list, reading it and working out prices on his own little list. We will work something out. I might go bonkers but we will see I guess!

Now for all the photos at the end again because my phone can’t insert them as I go!






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