Ok. I was wrong…but only a bit!

It’s midnight and I can’t sleep. Jet lag I guess since I couldn’t sleep last night either! I just re-read my last post and laughed at all the spelling mistakes and typos. It’s really hard to type on my iPhone!

We arrived in Vail yesterday evening and settled in with a nice dinner with some lovely friends of my parents who also have an apartment up here. My Son watched a couple of movies, after a nice walk around the creek and play ground, and a nice night was had by all.
Today we set out on a beautiful early afternoon walking adventure that saw us taking the bike path towards Vail village. Before we left we even saw a raccoon!

I will put all the pics at the end today as it doesn’t work well when I do it on my phone.

My son drove his jeep and we walked in the warm sun towards the village. Along the way, we saw a beaver dam and lodge, but sadly the beavers didn’t show themselves.
We also saw a really cute house with a grass roof!
In the village we had some lunch, then took a ride up the Gondola which we are used to seeing in the snow. It was truly beautiful scenery. At the top there is an adventure playground where we dug for dinosaur bones, and my son went on one if those big harness jumping things. Such fun!
We returned with a new Lego set or two to keep him entertained this evening and we were all very tired, but happy and relaxed I think.
So what was I wrong about? Vail is just as beautiful and fun without the snow! 😉 Shhh don’t tell my parents!










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1 Response to Ok. I was wrong…but only a bit!

  1. Andrea Lee says:

    Its great you are having a nice time!

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