Here in sunny Denver

Ahhh here we are in sunny Denver Colorado. Our flights were ok. My son didn’t sleep on either of them so he and therefore I was awake for more than 20 hours by the time we got here. We were quite tired by then as you can imagine and he finally fell asleep as I waited for our bags to arrive on the baggage carousel.

We’ve spent the last two days just relaxin at Nanny and Grandads house. Swimming in the pool and helping out with gardening on the newly purchased green kids jeep. Oh how my boy loves to drive!



Tomorrow we all head up to vail for the weekend which will be kind if weird and sad without the snow methinks. My son and I both agree that Denver is better with snow everywhere. Exactly opposite to what my parents think!

After the long flight and no sleep saga, my son slept from 6:30pm until 12:30pm the next day! Longest keep in he’s ever had!

He has been very good though. Very relaxed and doing schoolwork when I ask him to. Today was quite hot but he did a lot of swimming and driving and we even found a poor dying squirrel in the backyard and had to get the pound to come and take it away as someone caught bubonic plague from a dead squirrel the other day! That was all very exciting.

I feel really relaxed though I do miss my husband and all the animals very much.

I’ll try to keep everyone posted when we do interesting stuff.

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