A turn for the books!

Ok. So surprise! Guess where I am? Sydney airport! Yesterday saw my frustration with the NSW department of education rise out of the stratosphere!

Long story short. They sent me the offer for a place for my son in that special school in error. Can you believe that? The process is not finished. Observations need to be made and meetings had. Meanwhile I have a child who is slipping further and further behind and no one is doing anything about it but me!

I lost it big time and told them not to put themselves out as I would just remove him from school and teach him myself!
Then I decided that meant it was now school holidays for him and me and rang my husband. He agreed that if we were homeschooling anyway, none of the previous arguments for not going to America were relevant.

So a mad dash ensued and we are packed and waiting for our flight to the USA! The only sad thing is that Dadda is not with us and we miss him already. I left the house in a huge mess, but I guess Dadda will sort it all out coz he rocks.

I guess I will have a lot to blog about soon when I get started with home schooling but I suspect that it’s going to be tough and I’ll have no time for myself, but I suspect it will also be rewarding as I see my little one relax and engage.

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