The inevitable has finally occurred….

Ok, it’s probably not a good idea to post when I’m this upset and angry, but right now, I need an outlet, and so my blog is going to cop it!

I just had a call from my son’s principal to tell me that he is being suspended! He’s six years old! He has an Aide for most of the day at school, and yet he has managed to hurt three people today, including two children. The final straw was when he hurt a child coming back from sport this afternoon right in front of all the parents waiting to pick their children up. Grrrrrr.

If I am honest with myself, I am less angry at him than I am with the whole school system and other people in general. Yes, OK if the shoe was on the other foot and some kid hurt my son in front of me, I would probably go up to the principal and complain too…well you know what, I actually don’t think I would. Kids do stuff to each other. No kid is perfect, and maybe if they were allowed to sort stuff out themselves, without so much parent involvement, there might be less trouble!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone fighting at all, and my son is in his room right now with no devices, toys or any other form of entertainment and in no way deluded about how angry I am and how unacceptable his behaviour today was. I can’t help thinking though, that suspending him is only going to make him think, “Yay, I get to stay home and not go to school!” whereas, if the other kid had just turned around and bopped him back, he might have thought twice about doing it again. I am probably being controversial here, but I don’t really care right now.

My other annoyance is that I believe the only reason he’s getting all physical to this level again is that he’s having another reaction to the medication. I am taking him off it, and I am hoping that his Psychiatrist rings me soon so I can talk to her about other options.

I am also freaking out slightly about the fact that now a whole bunch of parents have seen him do that, and then have seen me pick him up and take him home, therefore, making assumptions about me, my family and my son and why he would hurt their precious little kid. Yes, I am being uncharitable, but I want to be right now and since my blog isn’t telling me to stop, I shall continue.

I am so ready to just hang the whole thing and take him out of the whole system. I feel like the system is actually failing me…or him I guess. Now to be fair I don’t feel that it’s certain people failing me, or that there is a lack of good intention or positive knowledge. It’s more that I am pissed off that there is currently no where for my little boy to fit in where he isn’t the kid who everyone knows has been suspended at six years old!

They are pretty sure he’ll be starting next term at that other special needs class in a school nearby, but will that really make any difference? Yes it will be a smaller class, better trained teachers, but he, and I will still have to deal with a whole world full of people who are judgemental ass holes. Yes I said that!

Right, now I have just seen him climb out his window and dash across the backyard to his cubby house. I must take a deep breath, find the key for his bedroom window and calmly inform him that he will be put to bed immediately if he doesn’t come down now and go back to his bedroom!

Arrrggghhh!!!!! What am I to do with this child?!

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