Suburban Farmer

The excitement in our house is currently palpable. What are we all in a fluster about? What is ruffling our feathers so? What is making us behave like headless chooks?


We have decided to get two laying hens and have them clucking around in our backyard! We are very… extremely excited about this prospect. I think I might be the most excited about it, even though I’ll be one looking after them! The thought of lovely fresh eggs for free is very tempting, and there is also the environmental advantage that they will eat food scraps, therefore reducing our impact on landfill. Oh how happy we will be, my chickens and me πŸ™‚

Oh and don’t forget that chickens like to scratch and eat weeds! Yay! Those Dandelions won’t know what hit them this summer! Ha! When does this truly auspicious event commence? Well, tomorrow is Dadda’s birthday, so he will be taking Friday off work in celebration. Instead of enjoying a restful and pampered birthday, he has sacrificed his time to spend Friday building us a lovely coop for our new cluckers, and then on Saturday, we will travel to the live stock market and pick up two Isa Brown hens.

Once we’ve established a good routine and I know how to look after the chickens (I am assured by many informative sources, that they don’t require a lot of looking after…), I can then save up a bit of money again and go and get my two apple trees and the wood to build my little vegie garden. I am really becoming quite the suburban farmer. Well… lets just come back to reality for a brief moment. I haven’t actually ever managed to keep any plants alive except for my three lovely trees, but they don’t seem to need much input from me except for the occasional watering in summer, and a good prune in winter.

I have all good intentions of researching and finding out exactly what to plant when for my little garden, and how to look after them to get a good crop. Despite all these good intentions however, it will remain to be seen as to whether or not I can actually manage to keep a garden alive, let alone producing actual food that we can consume! I’m sure I can keep the hens alive though, as I am pretty good with most animals. I have researched how well they get along with dogs, and that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Our cat is too old to care about them much, and we have good fencing. I am told that they don’t tend to wander too far from their coop unless harassed, so that means I just need to make sure my son doesn’t chase them out any gaps in the fence! Rats and mice can be a problem, but I am prepared for that with the impending purchase of traps and baits (dog, cat and children safe ones of course!). We won’t be telling my son about the baits however, as when I told him about the problem of pests coming to eat the chicken food, his solution was to feed the rats and mice their own food so they won’t take the chicken’s! Cute, but not very practical in the grand scheme of not wanting rodents taking over the house!

The cubby house is all but done. It has an undercoat painted on, and is now shining white in the morning sun. I am going today to get the coloured paint for it, so hopefully I will get that finished over the next couple of days, or maybe next week since I’ll be distracted by petting my hens πŸ™‚



The giant white puppy is still gorgeous…


I had to put that photo in. It was taken by a photographer friend of mine. The difference in the quality compared to all the other photos I take on my phone is incredible! But seriously… how cute is that dog????!!!!

The news with my son with regards to school is not so positive sadly. School is just not working out for him on any level really. When he’s out of school, life is pretty good for the little fella. He’s responding much better to us. Really trying to comply and not argue so much with us. He’s calmer and happier with us. We can get him to read just about anything, and he’s really great at it. We are starting to get him to write bits and pieces which is good. I took him to his first official tennis lesson yesterday, and he did awesomely well. He listened and followed instructions, and he hit almost every ball sent his way, changing from forehand to backhand when the instructor told him to! I don’t think I could have been that successful at hitting those balls, but he’s a little athlete if only he lets himself try.

Oh, yes, the government finally decided to acknowledge that I am carer of this special child, and deserve some financial help. Yay! Of course it’s not a lot of money, but it’s enough to allow me to get him tennis lessons once a week, and take him to a group play therapy at a really great occupational therapist so he can practice socialising effectively. Such a relief! With all the exciting and good things happening, I am hoping that with some time and patience, his behaviours at school will settle down. So far, not so good. They really want to send him to that other school and I think that is probably what will happen at this stage, so I’ll keep you all informed of any progress on that front.

For now though, I must go and buy some paint, and continue trying to be patient as I wait for my chickens!

Bok Bok Bokerk!!!

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