Fifty Shades of…hmmm…OK…

I have recently finished reading the ‘Fifty Shades’ Trilogy. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t even heard of it until I started seeing comments on Facebook from my friends, and more notably, their husbands! I probed a little further by questioning some female family members who were in the process of reading it, and decided to bump it up my ‘to read’ list in order to join in the fun.

I wasn’t expecting to find anything for me in it as I am not a reader of romance novels, or even contemporary fiction for the most part, unless it’s part of the Fantasy genre.

The first thing I immediately found was that I really enjoyed the author’s style of writing. It was light, easy to read, quite well constructed and entertaining. It wasn’t long before I got to the saucy bits, and started thinking…”OK, where is this going, and how much of this is going to be in this book?” If you’ve read it, you’ll know the answer to that is “A LOT!” Seriously, these characters are having lots of hot steamy sex….often!

I found myself cringing a little bit in some of the scenes, but at the same time, the writing was quite good, so I did squirm deliciously as I read in many places.

About half way through the second book ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ I realised that I was starting to skim through the sex scenes without really reading them properly any more. I mean, after all, there are really only so many adjectives and verbs one can use to describe the same basic procedure over and over. That being said, E.L. James found pretty much all of the ways to describe it! What I loved though, was how caught up in the story I had become. I simply couldn’t put the books down.

The main characters were well developed and likeable (even the quirky, or dark ones). I particularly warmed to the central character Anastasia Steele. I really enjoyed the fun way the author tapped into the characters’ internal dialogue by giving character to her ‘inner goddess’ and ‘self conscience’.

I suspect that some would call Ana naive, or weak, but I really loved the truthful way the author explored what happens to judgement when a person falls in love, and how even though it may seem to some people outside the relationship to be detrimental to one or both parties, it can often be the case, that both parties are actually benefiting in many ways, and growing and learning during the process.

So, I would highly recommend, that if you want to read something quick, easy, and with a bit of intelligent ‘porn’ for women, then this is the way to go! I will definitely be looking out for the next instalment from this author to see if it was a fluke of a good tale, or whether she really is a good writer, bringing something a little more substantial to the classic ‘romance novel’.


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