Cubby House – Part 3

It turned out that the cheap lot of wood we bought was so close to enough to finish the roof trusses too. Being so close to the end though made us impatient, and we decided to go further into credit card debt and just get the rest of the materials to finish it off. The one thing we really did need before we could do the roof, was a very long beam, so we had that delivered with the siding.  It took a really long time to get the first two ends of roof measured, and on.

Roof measuring is pretty boring work, so why not use the roof beam as a runway for a toy aeroplane while listening to some tunes?

Making roof trusses, is not an easy task, but Daddy met the challenge head on and succeeded beautifully!


Again, that is just too boring for six year olds, so time for a romp with the giant white puppy!


A bit… ok a lot of hard work later, and this was the result.

Some good friends dropped by on Sunday, and helped us put up the huge blue board sheet on the very back wall. Then the children had a lovely time playing in and around the frame and all over the garden. While we were waiting for the blue board to be delivered earlier that morning, we had constructed that fine and safe looking verandah 🙂

Daddy stayed home from work on Thursday in order to just get the roof beading finished.

On Daddy’s Thursday off, he also got to work on cutting the blue board. Doesn’t work with a circular saw… noisy, smelly and slow. Best results came from this rather scary jaw like tool!


Then, we needed to put it up. That was even harder than the cutting!

We then had to head off to watch our son’s school performance. That’s the state the cubby was left in until this weekend.

As Saturday was my birthday, we went to brunch with a good friend, and then came back to do some more cladding. Lucky for us, our friend stayed to help out.

I hid in the house since I really don’t like the noise of power drills. Our son is also rather against all that racket.

Others in the family however, really didn’t care…



By the end of Saturday, almost all the cladding was on.

On Sunday, we finished it off and this is how it looks now!

Yesterday, my son moved his bean bags into it, and played in there after school for a while.

All we need to do now is add windows, a door and I must get painting, painting, painting! Stay tuned for the final look.

Looks like the giant white puppy approves so far though!







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