I haven’t posted in a while, and so I have three separate posts in mind. This is the catch up one, and there will be two Cubby house progress posts to follow over the next two days.

Well, what a week or two! Here I sit, a whole year older as of Saturday. Despite the fact that we had to spend any potential money that was going to buy me a birthday present on a very expensive dental filling for a hole in my back tooth, I had a lovely birthday!

My parents sent me some very cool Skechers shoes from America and even with the most ludicrous postage cost, they were STILL cheaper than buying them over here! I got a lovely dinner and cake from my husband and son, and a bunch of flowers.

A good friend gave me a fabulous cupcake, and another friend gave me a book. What a lucky girl I am ūüôā

Now, not this Saturday just gone, but the one before was quite eventful. Not only did we get a lot of cubby building done, but we had some unexpected visitors in the morning.

My husband went out of the house after breakfast to start getting all the tools out for a day of building. The giant white puppy dutifully followed him. I then heard my husband calling the dogs name in a calm, but sort of desperate way as if he were trying not to get the dog overexcited, but really needed him to come because of some danger. I figured he must have accidentally let the dog out and he was trying to bound across the road again. I grabbed the dog treats, and his lead and headed out to the rescue. As I approached my husband, I looked in the direction he was looking, and noticed first that the dog was safely inside our fence. Then I noticed for yellow ducklings just escaping through the fence out onto the footpath! The giant white puppy was of course extremely excited about them, and was scaring the crap out of them by bounding around trying to herd them, somewhat unsuccessfully!

I ran back inside to get my son so he could come and see the ducklings, and went into ‘animal rescue’ mode. We managed to herd the fluffy invaders into next doors walled garden, where we kept them¬†corralled¬†while my husband went to get a large box. I was able to display my expert duck catching skills as I pounced (very gently of course!) on first one, then two then three ducks and held them in my arms. One escaped, but we managed to herd him successfully into the box without too much effort. My son was naturally very, extremely excited and instantly in love with the quackers.

We took the cute little things up to the local vet, where they put them in a box with a bucket of water and some hay, which seemed to make them very happy. Sadly, mean old Daddy, would not let us keep the baby ducks (nor for that matter, would he allow us to have the cute black kitten we fell in love with at the vet while we were there with the ducks!). We were forced to part with our feathered friends, under the understanding that they would be re-homed. Awwww.

Now onto less lovely news. I received a phone call from my son’s school on Friday, from the school psychologist. She wanted to arrange a meeting for the following Friday in order to discuss what needs to be done with my son. He is not really getting anywhere with school. He won’t stay where he is supposed to be if he doesn’t want to, and he’s generally struggling all round. ūüė¶

I asked her why I keep seeing so many different Aides with him. Especially since I thought they had found one who was really good and was starting to get a good understanding of him and how to handle him. She paused momentarily and I could tell that she didn’t want to tell me whatever was on her mind. I told her I would rather just know all the truth as it gives me more ability to make decisions.

She informed me that basically, they cannot keep Aides for my son. They keep quitting! He is emotionally too draining on them, and when he kicks or hits or spits at them, they can’t handle it for more than a couple of weeks. I was mad! No, actually I was really pissed off!

I went on a¬†tirade¬†(after politely informing her up front that what I was about to unleash was not actually directed at her personally!) about how ridiculous it is that Aides are not actually trained properly to deal with special needs kids! He is NOT as bad as some other kids with behavioural problems, and if he is, then it has to be because he is not being properly handled by the Aides. I know that he becomes extremely anxious at school and that it’s hard to get him to do anything or even be safe, but come on!! What is wrong with these people that they can’t handle him! Grrrr. It pisses me off! I am getting closer and closer to just pulling him out of the whole system and doing it all myself! My husband is completely against that though. Whether he thinks I can’t do it properly, or whether he’s worried for my well being if I have to spend all that time with him doing everything and never getting a break, I’m not entirely sure, but something has to be done, and clearly, it’s not right now!

They want to move him to that other school nearby which has a special needs class with trained teachers. I don’t mind if that happens, but I just can’t help thinking that he ‘wins’ yet again, and his behaviour has meant that he gets to change schools rather than conform and do what is expected of kids his age! Geez, he doesn’t even have to do things the same way as all the other kids! If he played his Aides right, he gets to do school work on his own time and with encouragement and attention of an adult dedicated to him almost all day! Even with that though, he is just really rude and abusive to the Aides if they try to get him to do any work! The school doesn’t want us to make him do anything at home just because he doesn’t do it at school and they freak out about consequences at home for behaviours at school. I understand their point, I really do, but doing it that way is NOT working! Sigh.

So now we wait for the meeting on Friday, and I have to find out what they suggest. They won’t let me go into the classroom to be his Aide. I asked about that again on the phone. That freaks them out even more than me doing school work at home with him! I would think they would be at least willing to give it a try. I’d rather do that than home school him, but what can I do? I am totally at their mercy really. If I get too bossy and pushy, it will only reflect badly on my son and they won’t try any harder to meet his needs because they will be pissed off with me. ¬†Ongoing battle…

I’ll be sure to post about what happens after that meeting next Friday though!

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