Cubby House – Part 2

Thanks to a great (and cheap) find of some used wood on eBay, we have been able to construct the wall frames for the cubby house! What fun that was and so exciting!

First there was the stress of winning the auction on eBay without exceeding our budget for that much wood. We ended up saving over $800 compared to if we had bought the wood at a timber yard or hardware store! Can’t complain about that now can you.

Then we had to figure out a way of getting the wood home as it was quite heavy and long. I arranged for a man with a Ute to pick it up and deliver it on Saturday morning. Sadly, the man let me down and as Saturday afternoon approached, he still hadn’t done the job. I called him, he made some excuse, and we were left to find a way to get the wood ourselves. I will cut a long story short (all frigging day!!! and 4 different Bunnings stores due to incorrect information over the phone by stupid people!) and tell you that we hired a Ute from Bunnings and brought our nail-filled score home.

Sunday saw my husband and son spending all day in the garage de-nailing the long pieces of 2 x 4 wood, and we were then set for the next weekend to start cutting and building!

The following Saturday, my husband disappeared into the garage for a few hours and there was a lot of noise from power sawing. He emerged sporting lengths of wood cut to the right size to make wall frames, and began assembling wall 1 on the lawn.


We all worked together to screw the frame together, and our son was most patient and stayed out of the way for most of the day as each new wall came together, with Daddy disappearing in between to cut the wood for each new frame. The frames were pretty heavy, but it was exciting to lean them up against the house on the other side of the garden.

Initially, my son was a little concerned about whether Daddy really knew what he was doing, as evidenced by the photo below.


The results, however, could not be denied!


Saturday ended with two walls constructed and only two side ones to do in the morning and then to assemble in the afternoon. Our son was so excited that he asked to invite his friend over the next day to see the walls going up.

At the end of the day, he tested out the window opening to make sure it was up to scratch. It was. Despite the very serious look on his face!


Sunday dawned rather grey and ominous, but the rain held off while we finished construction and took all the pieces over to the base structure. The boys set to work clamping and screwing and testing that things were on the level.


It wasn’t long before all sides were up on the platform, and more screwing needed to take place.


Finally, there were only a few last safety screws to finish off the structure, and they both inspected every element minutely, to ensure the quality of the building. It was good.


As the frame was completed, the wind picked up, it went freezing cold, and rain threatened, but we had a cubby house frame! Woo hoo! Our friends arrived for a play, and the boys loved playing in and around the frame, while the little girl enjoyed the freezing sand pit. What did the adults do? Why, we sat inside in the warm living room in front of the huge window which affords the perfect view of the Cubby house, and watched as our children had a lovely afternoon playing together.


This weekend we will be working out whether we have enough wood left for the roof. If not, we’ll check how much it would be at the hardware store. If too much, it’s back to ebay, and watiting for that perfect sale to come on again! Stay tuned for the erection of the Cubby house roof, and then cladding, and painting of it! It will hopefully be finished by spring!

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