I really should know better!

Day one back at school seemed to be OK. I was told by his teacher this morning that he now has support right up until after lunch. That leaves only 1 hour of the afternoon when he needs to cope as a member of the class rather than an individual. I’m glad they managed to get that help, and I really hope it starts to improve school life for my little laddy!

She also asked if I could please check at home or in his bag for all the plastic money from the class room, as it has disappeared! OK I know he’s a good candidate for having pinched it as he is quite obsessed with that plastic money…but I always check his bag and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him this time 🙂

It’s a shame though, that he will probably always be the first one they look to when something goes missing, or someone gets hurt. Well at least until he leaves that school I guess. I don’t blame them, but I do feel for him. 

Right, down to what I should know better about. Recently, a friend of ours who works for a large alcohol manufacturer, gave us a box of very nice quality white wine for a very cheap price. My husband and I are not big drinkers, but do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every now and then. Last night, after the boy was asleep, we decided to break out the chips (crisps for you Brits), and have a glass of wine together. The wine was really nice. Especially with the chips. We each ended up having two glasses, which was the entire bottle. We were both then rather tipsy. Wait…. that’s not the bit I should have known better about…..

My husband was having a lovely time being tipsy and playing a computer game, while I watched a great travel documentary that was on. After that, I ventured to check facebook on my phone. Really shouldn’t have done that while tipsy. Remember I told you about that little boy with the brain tumour? Well he passed away just after midnight on Tuesday. 😦 There was an outpouring on facebook of condolence messages. That started me off. Crying. Then I was silly enough to read his Mum’s reply to everyone and how they have now returned home after living at the hospital house for 50 days. Oh dear. I couldn’t stop crying! Alcohol and a soft heart do not go well together. 

Consequently, today I have a headache, puffy eyes, and a definite lack of interest in doing anything useful! I have so much stuff to do now that he’s back at school, but due to my own silliness, I simply can’t be stuffed!

I should know better… and next time I will… as long as that lovely wine isn’t involved…which is won’t be for at least another week or two now!

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