The Great Cubby House Building Adventure

As I took a happy little boy off to school for term 3 this morning, I was feeling happy and hopeful. He informed me this morning that he wasn’t so scared of doing writing in school anymore, which was really great news.

He had told his dad a couple of days ago that he would like us to help him do some writing practice at home because he got quite worried when it was time to do writing in class. He used to be worried about reading, but since we did so much at home with him, he likes it when the teacher says it’s time to do reading now! Wow! We are doing something right! Yay! We didn’t do a lot of writing practice with him at home, but we did do a little bit, so maybe it helped. We will certainly do more, and next term we’ll concentrate more on maths, which he is also scared of (so am I just quietly… so I will have to quickly overcome that one so as not to show that fear to him!).

The school holidays were quite lovely. Only two weeks, but he spent the first week mostly watching TV, spending some time with his Nanna, and just generally chilling out. The second week, Dadda took the week off so that we could build him a cubby house. Below is how that all unfolded. We are very proud of ourselves.

Day 1 – 3 : Mud, mud, glorious mud. There’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood!

Step 1 was to dig into our slightly sloped land. Rather a lot of dirt was moved, and our son was an awesome helper! There is nothing more fun than digging with daddy and moving dirt in a wheelbarrow!

All finished… now to get some wood!

While Daddy went to purchase the wood, little one decided to revive some of his old furniture in preparation for the new ‘house’.

Day 4: Measure twice, cut once! The boys enjoyed some time in the garage before this scene took place. There was rather a lot of noise, and power tools were being bandied about, but some time after lunch, they emerged carrying pieces of cut wood ready for assembly.

More Measuring….

All that measuring was pretty boring…

Day 5 : Build it up, build it up, build it higher! Rain set in and we had to wait until mid afternoon before we could assemble the frame. But it was awesome, and it even fit in the hole! Woo hoo!

Day 6: Johnny built a… well… platform… with a roof, with a roof…well ok a floor! Finally the sun came out and we were able to put the floor onto the platform! We also ordered some sand for the sandpit. While the boys barrowed the sand from the footpath (where a big dump truck had tipped it…wasn’t that exciting!), I painted a protective coat of blinding white paint onto the platform in case the rain came again.

We were informed by our son that he was too big for sandpits and didn’t care if there was any sand in it. As soon as we had two barrow loads of sand in there (from the tonne we had ordered), he was in it with his cars, and there he remained for the next three hours!

He really was a great help with moving the sand though.

Then the boys tried to work out the best type of ladder to make so that the giant white puppy could get up there too. Obviously, if you are trying to figure out how a dog would climb a ladder, it helps if you are dressed like one!

When the paint was dry, he tested the strength of the structure, while Daddy examined the angle for the new ladder. I don’t think the dog cared either way…

Finally, all that was left to do over the next few days, was play and play and play! Oh, and convince the giant white puppy that it was quite easy and safe to go up the ladder…

First. Demonstrate.

Second. Sell it.

Success!!! He’s up! Now what?

We now have to save up some money for a bit to buy some more wood to actually build the ‘house’ part of the cubby house. However, the platform, ladder and sandpit have already provided hours of really fun play for him. It’s going to be such a great thing in summer. It’s bloody freezing in that sandpit at the moment, so I am hoping it will be a lovely cool place on a hot summer day! What a great second week of the holidays though!

I must admit, I missed blogging and look forward to getting back to it this term!

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2 Responses to The Great Cubby House Building Adventure

  1. Andrea Lee says:

    Wow! great work! You should consider doing this for money. I will be the first one to queue in line.

    • KL says:

      Awww Thanks! The thing that gets me is how stupidly expensive wood is! By the time you buy the wood that’s already over $2000!!! Then if you add labour it would cost so much! It was quite a fun thing to do as a family though.

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