I have just returned from attending the end of term assembly at my son’s school. I learned a few things.

1. I still can’t stand learner string ensemble performances. SCREEECH!!! argghh…

2. My eyes water and my throat constricts when I am surrounded by parents of Asian descent who smell so strongly of smoke, and sit so close to me that I can’t breathe. And they clearly aren’t benefiting from their smoking if you take into account the constant coughing and gagging that was going on around me as well!

3. My son was not at most of the assembly because he had thrown a chair at someone before and was cooling off in a classroom somewhere.

4. I can’t attend these sorts of things without my son leaving the class and coming to me and then holding onto me and crying and not wanting me to leave without him!

I had actually written a very humourous and much longer post about all of that and how it all came about, but WordPress lost it when I pressed ‘publish’ for some reason. Now I have just enough energy left to put it in point form. Sigh.

So, basically, I was reminded that my son is different, and we cannot enjoy parenting in any kind of normal way. I won’t get to attend these things if he does that every time as it’s too disruptive to everyone. I was also reminded that I am different amongst the general parent population of his school ( I stood out like a white, blonde, sore thumb in that room….seriously!). And I was reminded that he is still losing it occasionally on a big scale.

Oh well, that is our lot, and we must deal with it and move on. We must accept and keep going. I must make coffee and have at least two chocolate biscuits… 🙂

Enjoy the school holidays everyone. I won’t be posting during them unless something particularly interesting happens.

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