As I sat on the lounge the other night and did my nightly trawl of Facebook before I went to sleep, something was brought to my attention that really made me put my life and my troubles into perspective. I think in life, it is important to have something do that every now and then.

I had been thinking about money (or lack thereof), my little boy and his ‘issues’, and my lack of ability to get myself into a comfortable enough place to really do some serious writing and send it out into the world as I should.

There was a picture of a little blonde boy with a chubby face. He was obviously ill in some way, and the caption read, “He’s still my beautiful little boy.” I was intrigued to find out who this was, and why they had posted that on Facebook. I clicked on the picture and was taken to the comments, and found that there must be some long and involved back story to this picture. There was.

Talin, is a little boy in Sydney, who had just started Kindergarten at the start of this year. Around Easter, he had a dizzy spell and collapsed in the playground. After undergoing several tests, he was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable brain-stem tumour. In a matter of days, the tumour started taking away his basic functions. His Mother and supporters, started up a Facebook page and charity to give him his wish of making it to his sixth birthday in June. He did make it to his sixth birthday, which was a huge event, supported by his whole community. Sadly, his functioning had declined so much he couldn’t walk anymore and was confined to a bed, or chair for most of the time. He has been moved into a palliative care house for children with his family, and unless there is some huge miracle, he is not going to be with them for very much longer.

The photos showing him starting school, and then progressing through his diagnosis and subsequent treatment showed how dramatically he had changed physically, yet he remained brave and strong all through his ordeal.

Seeing that, and reading his story on Facebook (Talin’s Wish) for anyone who wants to check it out, it’s both heartbreaking, and inspiring. It really brought me back to reality and made me need to go into my son’s room and kiss his beautiful healthy cheek, and just thank the universe that he is happy and healthy, and clever and gorgeous and that all the stuff we go through with him, is nothing compared to what Talin and that family are currently going through.


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