How do you find a wife?

Due to the continuous rain again in Sydney at the moment, I decided to drive my husband to work instead of letting him risk life and limb riding a motorbike to work and home again in torrential rain and flooded roads. That meant that my son and I had to pick him up again in the evening. It’s not a long drive, so it’s not too much of a pain to do it. On the way home, the conversation in the car went like this…

Son: “Mummy? How do you find a wife?”

Me: “What do you mean sweetheart? Do you mean how do people find someone to be their wife?”

Son: “Yes, like how do you find a person you want to ask to marry you?”

Me: “Well, usually people go out and meet lots of people in their day to day life. They might meet someone that they really enjoy talking to and they decide that they like that person a lot. Then they would have a lot of dates with that person and realise that they love them. Then one day they would talk to the person and find out that they love them back, and then they would ask them to marry them.”


Son: “You know how when you ask a girl to marry you when there are a lot of other girls around, the other girls all say, ‘awwww’ like they think it’s gross?”

Me: “Do you think they make that noise because they think it’s gross? I think they are saying ‘awwww that’s so sweet!'” Then I had a sudden thought….”Are you talking about when you see it in the movies and other women are around and they say that? Or are you talking about saying it at school?”

Son: “I mean at school. Like today. I asked (Sally) to marry me and all the girls with her sounded like they thought it was gross.”

This was the girl that on Friday, left him for that other guy and caused him to leave school. He obviously decided he still loved her and today asked her to marry him!

Me: “Oh… sweetie, there is a big difference between the little girls and the women when it comes to that question! Little girls haven’t learnt yet how lovely boys are. They sometimes think playing with boys is gross and they might not realise how sweet it is when a boy likes them enough to ask them that question. It will take them a while before they grow up enough to realise how lovely boys are, and then they will all want you to ask them to marry them!”

Husband: “Trust me, if you just wait for a few years, and keep being that sweet to the girls, they won’t think the things you say are gross any more.”

Me: “What did Sally think? Did she say it was gross?”

Son: “No, she liked it. She thought it was nice.”

Me: “Well, she’s a smart girl and you have nothing to worry about then. You can ignore what the other girls say!”

Son: “Yes. I will”

OK ladies… collectively now… Awwwwwwwwwwwww……. Soooooooooooo Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

Who could say ‘no’ to this face?


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