Why is it happy anniversary?

My husband and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary today. Awwww.

As we all prepared to leave the house this morning for our various occupations, I wished my husband a happy anniversary and gave him a kiss. He said,

“Oh yes! It’s Tuesday isn’t it!” He had of course been keeping in his mind that our anniversary was on Tuesday. Our son looked confused for a moment and then said,

Son “But why is it ‘happy anniversary’ today?”

Me “Because on this day 13 years ago, Daddy and I got married.”

Son “But we have Tuesday every week! Why is it happy anniversary today?!”

Ahh a child’s mind! We must be careful with our use of ‘day’ vs ‘date’. A brief explanation of the difference set him straight and off we went to school while husband left for work.

Son on this 13th wedding anniversary, my husband shall we working, and I shall (or rather have been, but I am currently stopped for a bite to eat) cleaning the bathroom and doing the dusting and vacuuming…how romantic 🙂

Tonight we will all sit down together with my Mother-in-law and have a (hopefully) nice pea and ham soup cooked in her slow cooker. On our 15th anniversary we will do something special. That is the rule… every 5 years something special, every 10 years something super dooper special 🙂

Happy anniversary husband, I love you!


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