Cough, Coff, Coffee

After a very serious talk on Thursday about bullying and making it very clear that he had two choices when it came to that little boy in his class, either stay away from him completely or be very nice to him, Friday’s report from the teacher was that he was very nice indeed to him. He had made a special effort to go up and be extra nice to him, and ask him to play and so on. Now whether that will continue on into next week I don’t know, but I’ll take whatever good comes my way!

With Friday, that meant that he had earned his goal of  five days where his communication book read “Pretty good day” or “Mostly good day” consecutively. Yay! He got the Lego airplane from his Nanny in America that he has been waiting on for a while. It’s pretty hard for him to get five consecutive days without a great deal of behavioural mishaps in between! Fingers crossed for gradual improvements in the coming weeks.

I am not too hopeful though as his teacher, to whom he has become quite attached, has had a family illness and is taking four weeks leave to look after the family member in question. This means there will be two different temp teachers. One will do 3 days a week and the other 2 days. He’s already announced that he won’t be able to cope with that! We’ll see.

On a more amusing note, and the topic of this post… as I made my morning coffee yesterday, curious child climbed up onto the kitchen bench next to me and sniffed the heady aroma of roasted arabica beans freshly removed from the espresso machine. It made him cough, and then he said,

“Oh! So that’s why they call it coffee!”

Just too funny! But don’t laugh too loud or he’ll get mad and tell you not to laugh at him!

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