It’s bloody well buggered

We run windows media centre for our tv and movies and music. It all runs off the pc through to the tv and sound system via two cables. We recently got two new cables as the old one had broken and kept falling out causing no sound to come on sometimes. We thought the new cable would mean no more trouble with the sound going off. We were wrong!
For some really annoying reason (well there are a number that we can in fact guess at but they are technical and I can’t be bothered typing them here!) every time we turn the tv off at night the computer decides to either restart itself or drop its knowledge of how to connect the sound.
Our son is an early riser and we aren’t. As bad parents, we use the tv or in his case movies as a baby sitter between 5 and 7am. He knows how to get it all on and going and usually he just watches kids movies or documentaries.
With this new cable though, each morning has seen him quietly enter our room and tell us,
“the computer needs the password” or
“the sound is not working” or
“it’s doing the black screen of death”, until finally his frustration boiled over yesterday morning and he stomped down the hall and said,
“it’s bloody well buggered!”
Really! What are you supposed to say to that?!

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