IQ Tests and Wiggly Teeth

No, the two are not related, just of current interest in our house ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets start with IQ tests. My husband really enjoys a good brain puzzle. I have always known that is perhaps slightly smarter than most, and he’s proven that recently on two separate occasions. MENSA has an IQ test that you can take online, and there are many other online IQ tests as well. He recently did two tests and then had me do them too. The one that wasn’t a MENSA test, I found quite difficult as the entire thing was just identifying patterns and choosing which one was the most logical next one in the sequence. I got about 90 on that one… boo. My husband got 136 on that one.ย 

The MENSA one was a little more well rounded, but still quite focussed on a particular type of thinking. I got 112 on the MENSA one, which was just slightly above average, but my husband got 143 on that one! The report back said that he would probably pass a MENSA entry test. Hmph, knew he was smart ๐Ÿ™‚

Naturally, internet IQ tests are not necessarily a great measure of IQ, but there you go. I also have a basic scepticism about these tests in general, as they don’t test all different types of intelligence. My husband is fantastic at logical thinking and problem solving and mathematical type stuff. He’s also very creative in his own way, but he can take an hour to compose and write an email that I could in five minutes. My brain works very fast in comprehending concepts based around language, but if you put a pattern in front of me and ask me to say what’s next, it’s likely I’ll throw it at you and then talk you out of being mad at me ๐Ÿ™‚

Now onto wiggly teeth. My son has just lost one of his centre front teeth, and the other one is on its way out and will mostly likely be out when he gets home from school today. Last night, he was wiggling it and wanted me to look. It was sticking out at an odd angle and looked kind of gross. I made a face and said,ย 

“eeek! I can’t bear to look at it!” He immediately came around the other side of the kitchen to where I was standing and dropped his head and started crying!

I didn’t know what was going on at first, but I went to him and picked him up and hugged him. I knew I had somehow upset him, but I wasn’t really sure why.ย 

Me:”Sweetie! What’s the matter?”

Son: Through his tears and sniffles. “Don’t say that about my tooth! It’s a part of me and it’s just normal!”

Me: “Oh, darling, did you think that when I say I can’t bear to look at it, that I meant it’s something I don’t like about you?”

Son: “Yes”

Me: “I’m so sorry! I won’t say that any more then, and I promise that I didn’t mean that. It’s like some people don’t like to watch surgery on TV because to them it makes them think of blood and pain. When I looked at your tooth, I could feel what it must feel like for you and it made me uncomfortable, but it was nothing to do with you or the fact that the tooth is in your mouth!”

I then got Daddy to show him how his toe, which was broken when he was young, now twists out to the side in an odd direction, and how that makes me do the same face and I can’t look at it, but I still love Daddy and his toe. Know what he said?

“There is nothing wrong with your toe Daddy! Your toe is very flexible that’s all!” Awwww

It’s a constant battle to remember just how sensitive he is.ย 

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