Don’t Blog About Me!

Well clearly I didn’t pay any attention to that title, as here I am in fact blogging about him telling me not to blog about him!

My son asks rather a lot of questions, and for a child who seems to have very little interest in formal learning, he sure learns a lot from what is happening around him at any given time. For a while now, he has known that I have a blog, and he knows what a blog is. He also knows that it is primarily about him. He often asks why I write about him and I usually tell him because he is so funny and interesting that I have to share the things he does with the whole world. Sometimes he accepts this, and sometimes he doesn’t. He has also been told that writing and blogging is part of my ‘job’ as he doesn’t seem to think all the stuff I do around the house and looking after him qualifies as me working! Interesting how he gets that idea. That is definitely not something he’s learnt as Daddy always says how hard Mummy works at home, and that Mummy’s job is not in an office, but it’s at home, and how important that work is. To a six year old boy however, if you aren’t out earning money, you simply aren’t pitching in!

On Saturday, I was very sick with tonsilitis (I have now got some antibiotics Mum, and am feeling soooo much better already!), my husband was therefore doing most of the parenting duties on Saturday, and it was a beautiful sunny autumn day. Our son woke up in the most gorgeous mood, and stayed that way all day. He was just so funny and clever and not annoying for the whole day. I did a small post about him when he put on a dragon costume and proceeded to move about the garden with his crane truck picking weeds (Ok they look like flowers) and putting them in a bucket to give to me. Later when we came inside, he said something really funny, which had my husband and I in stitches. Sadly, I can’t remember what it was, but immediately after we had stopped laughing he said.

“Don’t blog about me though.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Son: “I mean, you can’t blog about me when I say funny things like that or I’ll have to throw you out and I’ll never say anything funny ever again!” (Yes he does take things to extremes)

Me: “Oh. You don’t like it when I blog about you?”

Son: “No. The funny things I do and say are only for you and Daddy, no one else is allowed to know that I am that funny.”

Me: “hmmm… OK then”

Notice I made no specific promises not to blog about him…. I’ll probably regret it once he’s old enough to read properly and get onto my blog and read all about himself!

Another amusing thing that happened on the weekend was related to his school work. We are pretty on to the fact that school work makes him anxious and as soon as he tries something and gets it wrong, he goes a bit mad, throwing stuff and unable to keep still, can’t concentrate and heart banging, that kind of stuff. It makes it really hard for him, but we have the time to work around it at home and bring him back on task. It’s not so easy at school of course. He’s been struggling with maths lately, this is not surprising as he seems to have a brain which works very much like mine, and my brain does not like maths. 🙂

They have been working on ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ concepts, and they have to cut out an open mouthed alligator and stick it on in the right direction in the middle of the written problem. He is a boy of patterns and he’ll just stick them on in whatever pattern he thinks it should be without actually looking at the problem each time. He then gets some right and some wrong, and he says that it has fulfilled his obligation to “just have a go” that we all keep telling him is all we want to see for now (cheeky bloody monkey!) It does look to most people though, that he simply doesn’t understand the concept. Not true.

Last night, he asked if he could put a movie on. Now due to the autistic trait of obssessionality, he tends to watch the same movie over and over until someone tells him to watch something else, or he changes focus and then watches a different one over and over. We try to gently get him not to do these things sometimes, and my husband said to him,

“Yes, you can put a movie on, but if you have watched it more than two times in a row already, you can’t put that one on.”

So my son, who watched Wall-E on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, found Wall-E and put it on.

Dad: “Are you choosing Wall-E again? Is that one OK with the new rule?”

Son: “Yes. You said if I have watched something more than two times I can’t watch it. I have watched this two times.”

Clearly, he understands the concept….And will no doubt use it against us if we word something slightly wrong in the future…sigh. The rule didn’t stop him putting it on again this morning though! Although mornings are his own time with very few viewing rules as everyone else is still in bed anyway.

I hope he has a good day at school, as I have discovered that he has left this weeks speech on the kitchen bench. Eeek. I really hope he doesn’t freak out with disappointment when he is asked to do his speech and realises that it’s not in his bag. Fingers crossed.


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