Tv…oh those mirror receptors!

There is a very good reason that I watch mindless shows on tv with lighthearted subjects and predominantly comic content. I watch TV to wind down and stop thinking.

This week I have broken my own rules and now I must suffer the consequences of viewing which has left me both emotionally drained and with my brain chugging through too many ideas!

Firstly I will tell you that I am not a fan of Australian drama. I find the acting sets me on edge and the scripts are usually too “Aussie” for my tastes. That being said, a couple of months ago while my son was watching ABC Kids, an ad came on for a show called Dance Academy. I like dancing, and it is filmed in Sydney so when they were playing all the episodes back to back before season two started, I decided to record it and watch a few to see what it was like. My husband and I are both now completely hooked!

Last week they killed off one of the main and best characters. Tonight was the follow on from the shock of that and my husband and I both sat and sobbed over the loss of a fictional teenager! That’s both good script writing and acting, but I also blame these little known motor neurons called mirror receptors. I shan’t go into the science of them, but those guys are primarily responsible for human connections of empathy…damn them.

My next rule break was to watch something on SBS the other night. I think it was SBS, it may have been ABC, but I can’t be bothered checking. Anyway, it was called “Prophets of science fiction” I knew from the moment I read the title that I shouldn’t have watched it, but I did. They were talking about Mary Shelley and the history and science behind her novel Frankenstein. The fascinating stuff they were talking about with regards to genetic science and building life in a lab gave me a great story idea, but rather than being excited to have something interesting to write about, I’m annoyed because it won’t get out of my head and writing something like that takes research and time… Damn it!!

Tomorrow is the start of term two and full time mainstream, everyone cross your fingers and hope he has a good day! I already can’t sleep from that and my disruptive viewing. Sigh

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