All in a days work

You’ll be pleased to know that camping has turned out lovely. The weather cleared up, it warmed up and we’ve been walking, fishing and our son has done lots of playing…even with actual kids! He’s already notorious and has been told off by a few parents and the owners of the caravan park. I have charmed most people I think though and they are more accepting of him as the days pass.

Today was just beautiful. Sunny, warm and sparkling. We were up and walking on the off leash beach at 6:30am. We then treated ourselves to McDonalds for breakfast even though it was twenty minutes drive away!

A nice play with some new friends on his bike while we walked the dog again in the lovely grounds, followed by a couple of hours fishing. What could be better?!

This afternoon we decided to take a stroll and paddle on the beach. The surf was quite big and some kids were swimming and bodyboarding. As we strolled along we started hearing a commotion to our right. A girl had been dragged out by the waves and was struggling in the break quite far out. My husband realised that neither her mum nor grandma or any of the other kids with her were going to be able to swim in those waves. The girl and her mum were screaming help and my wonderful brave husband stripped off his jumper, handed me the dog lead and went out to save her!

For a moment I thought both were gonners as a huge wave swamped them and the girl was trying to cling around my husbands neck. He got her off and calmed her down and dragged her by the arm through the swell to bring her in!

Wow! I have no doubt that he saved that little girls life. Her mother and she herself thought so too and were so grateful to him. The effort it took was huge and when the adrenalin left him, he nearly collapsed.

We leave tomorrow, but what tales we will have to tell.
Ten fish caught and one life saved. All in a days work.


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One Response to All in a days work

  1. Nicole says:

    So glad that camping (and especially the heroic rescue) turned out well. Sounds very scary – I would’ve been in tears! Nxxx

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