Who’s idea was this anyway?!

As I lie in a freezing cold tent with rain pelting noisily on the roof, I am wondering why I had the bright idea to go camping for five days of the school holidays! Well, I know why I had the idea actually, it was because its cheap and the giant white puppy can come with us!

I actually quite enjoy camping…when it’s warm and dry… The weather in Sydney has been lovely lately. So I figured if we went only three hours north, we would have a good chance of nice weather. I even booked us a spot in a lovely pet friendly caravan park. Sadly, as we arrived, the skies opened up an it’s absolutely freezing! So now we can’t really get out of the tent with the hyperactive child and the wet dog. Not really fun to be honest! These circumstances are also sadly the most likely times when we lose patience with our son as happened tonight.

It is really difficult to parent a child like ours at the best of times, but when you add three hours in the car, tiredness from being awake too early and a whole lot if excitement, it is a recipe for disaster!

I’m hoping the rain will ease tomorrow so we can go to the beach and let out some energy. If it continues for the next five days I think we might have to just leave early as we don’t need the stress of containing so much energy into one small area. If it were easier to get warm and dry I would just let him get out there and play. I have been known to be the mum who stands at the door with a warm towel to greet him as he comes in from a rainy garden or trampolining in the pouring rain!


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