The joys of NOISE!!!

Apologies for my long absence, I have just regained my voice and my strength after a rather awful week of sickness. Now I must get everything back on track, including all my housework… yuk.

So, in our household, we have two main sorts of people. The first is my husband who likes things quiet. He gets annoyed if people talk around him to excess, or if they do things which make incessant noise. The second covers myself and our son. Both of us like noise. We both talk to excess, and we both make incessant noise. More particularly, my son in the case of the incessant noise. This child can seriously make the strangest noises. He will be sitting quite calmly doing his Lego models, and keep up a continuous barrage of taps, bangs, clicks, thumps, humming, singing, occasional grunts and verbal outbursts. No, he doesn’t suffer from Tourette Syndrome, he is just a noisy child!

To be honest, being a noisy person myself, his noises don’t really bother me. In fact, I usually feel quite relieved when the noise is not directed at me in rapid fire questioning about stuff I simply cannot answer without some thought. My poor husband on the other hand, has a short fuse when it comes to this noise. He seems over the last 20 or so years, to have become accustomed to me singing, humming and chatting away to myself. He does have a small issue with the volume at which I like to enjoy music, but mostly he is OK with it. I guess that’s because I stop…eventually. Our son doesn’t. ADHD could have something to do with that, and when you mix it with his gene pool, he never really stood a chance!

My son and I both have a good ear for picking out bits of a melody and finding it here or there in movies, or in snippets on the radio. Tonight he was quite desperate to find the piece of music from one of his documentaries about airplanes (a supernaturally boring film let me tell you, but in the whole hour, there is a three minute snip from Dvorak Symphony No. 9 Nouveau Monde). I didn’t know where the music was from, although I did recognise it. It reminded me of Jaws and Star Wars, which I suspect may have stolen from this symphony πŸ™‚ – Anyway, we found the music on iTunes with a fab little app called Shazam, and he spent the rest of the evening listening to it on his iPod. You may be thinking, awww that’s so sweet a little six year old, listening to classical music on his iPod. So calm, so tranquil. No, not really…

He was listening to it, yes. He was also humming it at the top volume he could possibly achieve. In the case of a pop song, or rock song, he’ll quite often either sing the words or do the drumming or guitar noises or all of the above. In the case of an orchestral piece, he somehow, with one little mouth and two vocal chords achieves a strange sound akin to an entire string section with trumpet interjections and percussion exploding through his feet and with bursts of air from his cheeks. Β He was also flying a plane around the living room at intervals coinciding with the peaks and troughs of the music. I barely noticed. It was kind of like when he gets on his drum kit, or sings other songs, or makes other noises, I actually just enjoy it and don’t even notice how loud he’s actually being. Daddy on the other hand…sigh. He insisted that if he was going to make that noise, he needed to do it in his bedroom. So off we, the noisy ones, went, into the bedroom to partake in some pre-bedtime noise making. πŸ™‚

Daddy would be horrified at the kind of noise we get up to sometimes when he’s not around! A few Saturday nights ago, he did get to experience a small sample of our noise and fun. He had made our dining table and all the pillows and cushions in the house into a cubby house for our Son. They played in there for a while as I played Glee wii. Eventually my voice gave out, and I turned the lights off and cranked up the dance music. My son (notice, I change from ‘our’ to ‘my’ at this point hee hee), immediately came out from under there and joined in a frenzied dancing and singing and jumping Saturday Night fever. Do you think my husband was caught up in the excitement and joy of his two most loved ones dancing their hearts out and being generally crazy and happy? No, he stayed in the cubby house and fell asleep….sigh. Each to their own I guess πŸ˜‰


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