Cafe blogging

Being a stay at home mum and with budgetary constraints, it is not often that I get out in the world and treat myself to lunch. There are also dietary considerations with my new quest to lose at least five and a half kilos. I find myself in the pleasurable situation today of having enough time and money to treat myself to lunch in a lovely little cafe on Sydney’s northern beach of Manly.
I have posted previously about my opinion on writing in cafes and I am still a fan. Perhaps the lack of a lap top and the fact that I am doing this post on my iPhone renders it slightly less “writerish” but hey I’ll take what I can get!
Clearly as the charming accented waitress delivers my eggs benedict with bacon and Turkish bread I have thrown the diet temporarily out the window in my heady drunkenness of being out in public amongst other adults. Lovely.
Is it perhaps a little sad to be dining alone? I think not. Being on my own in a tightly crowded surf side cafe really allows me to listen in on and observe the fascinating people around me.
There are a large proportion of mothers with prams clogging up the aisles, mixed with tourists speaking to each other very animatedly in their home tongue. Add to that the occasional retiree and the odd business meeting or two and you have a great mix of interesting people to observe!
Given where I am, this crowd seems fairly typical. I can’t help wondering though whether later this evening the crowd in here would change to younger, slightly wilder, out for a good time. It’s possible. It makes me feel sad that it isn’t me anymore joining that crowd. At the same time however, I am well aware that as I feed my family tonight, bathe my son and settle down to watch a fave show on tv with my beloved husband, I will be exactly where I should be.
For now though I will lose myself in the mystery I may be creating as people watch me right back and wonder “what on earth is she texting for so long?!”

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