A Bevy of Bandaids

Have you ever noticed that there is a whole protocol and procedure surrounding the application of Bandaids to children? I’m not sure if it’s just my son, but I am always astounded, and somewhat frustrated at both his knowledge about particular Bandaids and his insistence of which Bandaids are for what injuries!

As any parent of a small active child will know, a supply of Bandaids and some kind of antiseptic cream is a must in your house, car, handbag, bike bag, school bag. My son has an amazing ability to injure himself at the most inconvenient times and in some odd places. He will bash his elbows and knees (and surprisingly often head) on many and varied tables, chairs, cars, poles, plates and trees as we move about the world on a daily basis. It’s then a full on production to find the right Bandaid and put it on in just the right way!

With our new budgetary constraints, I recently made the mistake of purchasing a huge box of No Frills sticking plasters. These are basically your budget Bandaid. Now, while I am definitely becoming less of a snob about what one must spend in order to get a quality product, I have discovered, that Bandaids are something you simply cannot skimp on!

No Frills sticking plasters do not, in fact, stick. I came home one afternoon when my mother in law had been babysitting. They had gone for a walk with the dogs, and my son had fallen off his scooter and grazed his knee. The knee was covered with about 12 sticking plasters, all of which were in the process of un-sticking even as we looked at them! My son showed me the difficulty, and blamed Nanna for having used “dodgy Bandaids”! I thought, OK, not a problem, we have many other options. I went to the medicine cabinet and brought all the Bandaid options to him. This is how is went.

Me: “OK, let’s put one of these large, tough bandaids on.”

Son: “No, I wouldn’t let Nanny put that one because when it’s time to take them off they hurt my skin”

Me: “OK then, what about this Advanced Healing kind?”

Son: “Nope, those ones stay on until the sore is completely better, and I hate that you can’t get them off until it’s all healed”

Me: Slowly coming to the realisation that Nanna had in fact already been through this process of elimination…and that we had waaaaay too many Bandaid choices in our first aid kit! “Right, what about these normal kind of bandaids then?”

Son:”No. the little soft bit in the middle is too small for this sore, the sticky will stick to the sore part!”

Me: “Right, well, we have the large middle tough ones. They have the extra adhesive so they won’t come off too easily, but the large pad in the middle means the sticky part won’t be anywhere near the sore.”

Son: “No, it’s too sore for those tough ones right now”

Me: Moving into ‘salesman’ mode. I felt I really MUST sell one of my bandaid options to this kid! “OK, we have these lovely waterproof ones with a large pad in the middle and clear around the edge. Not too sticky, but just sticky enough that it won’t float off in the bath!”

Son: “No” OK, he was just being difficult now. I, on the other hand stepped it up a notch and wondered whether perhaps he was enjoying all the attention this grazed knee/bandaid palava was giving him…

Me: “OK then, this is my final offer! I have a heavy duty, soft pad for serious injuries, and I will tape that to your knee with very special, perfect balance of sticky and non-sticky medical tape!”

Son: “Yes! That will be OK!”

Phew! So now when I shop for Bandaids, I get not only the best brand, but a selection of the various types for various injuries. I am always armed and ready for anything Bandaid related! In fact this week I have expertly managed a Bandaid changing, antiseptic applying rotational system for yet another grazed knee. In the morning a waterproof one must be applied as they have swimming at school every lunch time. When he gets home, a normal bandaid is then applied. After a bath, some antiseptic is applied before bed and no bandaid to allow the sore to breathe and dry out overnight. I really think I should qualify for a Medical Degree now that I am up on the Bandaid situation. 🙂

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