Always something new

Sigh. We had our sons update meeting at his special school today and the result was great. He has come so far this past year that all his risk assessment items were low to normal. Yay! Normal…
Tonight while we were on the high of this successful outcome our son piped up and said.
“I want to tell you the truth about why I didn’t eat my lunch today. But it’s really bad and I don’t want you to get me in trouble.”

“Oh great” I thought. “What now!?”

He then proceeded to tell us that at some point during the day he had gone through all the bags in his classroom and stolen any items of food that took his fancy. Mostly snacky junk food type of things.
I was horrified! I really struggled to maintain my calm demeanour so that he could tell the whole story and feel safe in doing so. I reminded myself that he at least must have felt guilty enough that he felt he needed to tell someone; and that he trusted us enough to choose us.

When he was finished, my husband asked him what he thought he could do to make it right. My son suggested replacing the items and it was agreed (much to his distaste) that he would use his own pocket money to buy the snacks and then write a letter of apology to his teacher.

We were very calm about it even as we told him we were disappointed that he had done that. We told him we were proud that he was brave enough to tell us the truth and we hoped he would never do anything like that again. Sigh… It was tricky, but I hope he will learn his lesson when he has to hand over his hard earned pocket money!

What a bummer though. Just when you think you’re getting it sorted, they throw some new challenge at you!

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