Three Wishes

My little boy has had three different play dates this week. They have been a mixture of success and failure, but all good for socialising experience. On Wednesday, he had a play date with a little boy from his class at the special school. These are always slightly difficult as the kids do have difficulties listening to each other and sharing toys and that sort of thing. All in all it went quite well until the end. The end isn’t relevant to this post though. It ended in the other little boy saying he was going home right now after my son had hurt his foot. It wasn’t overly dramatic and therefore not really noteworthy.

During the play date there was a discussion about an ornamental sword we have on our wall. It is a life size replica of ‘Excalibur’. The other little boy was asking if it was a magic sword, and I told him it is in the story, but the one on our wall, sadly, was not. Then a discussion ensued on how we could get it to have magic in it by stepping into a fairy ring and asking for three wishes. This brought me to ask the little boy what he would wish for if he had three fairy wishes. Delightfully, he said his first wish would be to have the sword teleported to his house. Second wish would be to have magic put into the sword. Third wish would be to have it teleported back to our house. Awww so sweet. I think you can tell a lot about someone by their answer to the three wish question. Even at six years old this is true. Next I asked my son what he would do with three wishes. His answers definitely reflected his current feelings about his world.

First wish: To have 10 silos full of money (no surprises there. He is currently obsessed with gaining money.)

Second wish: To always be right, and never be wrong (interesting. His communication sheet each day at the moment says that he is arguing with the adults at school. A lot. He thinks they are always wrong.)

Third wish: To be able to everything in the world straight away (this one really displays how strongly he feels about his inability to do certain things. He usually gets really upset and anxious when he comes across something he just can’t do. So it is no surprise that he would dream of just being able to do everything immediately upon trying it.)

Funny things kids are. With all the things we are going through with him, we sometimes forget how amazing he is and how early he started showing us his amazingness. (I am claiming that as a word and no one can stop me as this is my blog!) We were looking through some footage and photos of him when he was very little the other day, and were brought back to a memory of a night when we were all sitting around and getting him to try saying different words just to see if he could say them clearly or not. We remembered this night, we had jokingly said, “Ok, now try ‘bureaucracy'”. He said it, first time and clear as a bell. We looked at the date of the photo that was giving us this memory. He was only two years old on that night. He’s been so very verbal for so many years now, that we have just forgotten how amazing it was when he was so little.

There was also a video of him swimming across a pool from me to a little raft thingy. He had only just turned three in that video. Clever little thing. So it’s no wonder he wishes he could do everything in the world. To him, there are so many things he can do, that it must be frustrating when he comes across things he can’t to immediately!

Everyone have a lovely weekend and remember how amazing your children are!

It’s good to remind ourselves of these things sometimes.

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