Valentines day comedy act

On Valentines day this year, we played it very low key and went out to dinner as a family. We had such a lovely time. My son asked when we got to the restaurant if we could play ‘Mummies and Daddies’. This is simply a role swap/impersonation game, and is useful in getting him to behave maturely when out. I agreed, and the game commenced. He said that he would be Daddy and Daddy would be him. I would (as always) remain Mummy. 

My husband began a fabulous impersonation of my son which went something like this. 

“Hey Daddy! Did you hear that airplane outside?! It was so loud! I wonder what kind it was? It sounded like an A380. I bet its wheels were coming down. Did you know that they put their wheels down before they land? Do you know how the wheel mechanism works? I do! I saw it on a documentary. It goes like…Where do you think the toilets are in this restaurant? Can you take me to them soon?” 

All of this was very fast, without a breath and was rather funny. Meanwhile, my son sat patiently with a slightly shocked look on his face. I could see he was thinking about what this meant. When he tried to answer the questions asked of him, and explain about the mechanism of plane wheels using a “Daddy” voice, my husband interrupted him by telling that he hadn’t seen the documentary and therefore didn’t know properly how it worked. This is pretty spot on when you are trying to have a conversation with my son around, so I was sitting there laughing uncontrollably! Luckily my son didn’t take offence but stayed in character and took it all in his stride. 

My son heaved a giant sigh, turned from his father to me and said with a very adult and serious voice, but a slight twinkle in his eye, 

“Isn’t there some kind of… sound proof bag we can stuff him in?” Oh my goodness! That did us both in! We simply fell about laughing so hard! To clarify, I don’t think this is something my husband has ever suggested to get some peace and quiet! Naturally, my son thought this was pretty great, getting his parents to genuinely laugh so hard with his mere wit. He tried the joke again in various different formats before we said, 

“Sweetie, remember, it’s only funny the first time.” He agreed and we went on with our game for a little while. My husband then attempted to have a joke with my son. It didn’t really work, he tried again, in a slightly different way. My son turned to him, again in character and said, 

“It’s only funny the first time!” Again, we were in stitches. He was just too on form that night! You would need to be there to see the face he uses and the body language to realise that he has such a good grasp of comic timing sometimes. 

We ordered our dinner. We enjoyed ours, but my son wasn’t impressed with his, and told the waiter as much. Luckily the waiter was a young guy with a sense of humour who thought my son quite adorable and therefore just apologised that he hadn’t liked his food and said they would try something else next time. 

Then on the way home in the car we were all still in a jolly mood. Laughing, joking, talking about stuff. My son was busy on one of his non-stop talking rants about something we had driven past when my husband gently said to him.

“Sweetie, you do know that it’s OK not to say everything that you think don’t you?”

My son sighed again at the mere silliness of his father and said, 

“Yes..Of course I know that. Did you see that bus stop?! I wonder why that poster was on it. What do you think it was about? Why do you have to go to dinner on valentines day? Can we stop at McDonalds on the way home? I really would like a happy meal. There was a really huge dog back there. I can see all the people in the window of that cafe having valentines dinners. They have a lot of roses around today. Do you think we can call our car Knight Rider? It’s a black car, and we have a black car. Is ‘The Hoff’, really David Hasselhoffs real name?” 

Meanwhile I thought he had to be having us on with the speed he was talking and the connection between thoughts coming so fast and vocalising every thought. I think he was just showing us that despite him knowing he doesn’t HAVE to say everything that comes into his head, he was at liberty to do so regardless. 

It was a very lovely valentines day though, full of love and laughs. 

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2 Responses to Valentines day comedy act

  1. MamaMoo says:

    Ok where can I get a “proof bag”? Not sure what it is but if it keeps kids quiet… Also, I can totally resonate with the “it’s only funny the first time comment”. So hard to teach because i want to laugh every time to boost their confidence but i don’t want them to become the weird kid with the constant jokes about peeing in pools or something.

    • KL says:

      Hee hee He said, “a sound-proof bag”…. that will make more sense I’m sure! You are so right about it being hard to teach them that!

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