I Want – A Poem

Ok, it’s time to be brave and get a bit more of my writing out and about. So, here is a poem I wrote around Christmas. It was inspired by my six year old’s constant refrain of “I want…”, but it is actually related to my feelings. Enjoy or hate, but thanks for reading. 🙂

I Want

I want more love, 

I want more ‘me’ time.

I want more money, 

I want more freedom.

I want more stuff, 

I want more space.

I want to be me, 

I want a different face.

I want danger and excitement, 

I want life more simple. 

I want more cake,

I want to be thinner. 

I want more clothes, 

I want to be less restricted.

I want everything, 

I want nothing at all. 

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