As Christmas Approaches

As each new day brings us inexorably closer to Christmas, I find myself with way too much to do, and very little time left to do it!

For a start there was my New Year’s Resolution. I was going to lose 5kgs by Christmas. – Um… yeah.. not done. Very unlikely to happen by this stage in the year!

Next there was the promise that I would finish my novel and have approached a literary agent by December. Um…Well.. I guess that could still happen…Maybe….not.

There is the enormous list of things which actually need to be done or lightening will somehow strike me down and the world will stop. OK. That’s a little overly dramatic, but still, they are important.

Paint the window frames for my ‘new’ windows. OK, the windows are nearly two years old now, and really ought to have been painted a looooooong time ago, but I really will get them all finished by Christmas. I will!

Fence to keep the giant white puppy in. Yes! Yay! That one is done! It’s structurally sound. Beautification has not happened yet, as it decided to pour relentlessly with rain almost as the last screw was put into the last picket. It hasn’t stopped raining for two days now, so the unpainted wood will probably rot and the whole thing will fall down in a month, but who cares! It’s finished! I have photos of the stages as they went, but with the rain I haven’t as yet got one of the completed fence. I will do a special ‘fencing progress’ post perhaps later this week though.

There was also the ‘pay the credit cards off and actually try and save some money’ promise. Yeah right. As if that one was going to happen! With me not working and the bank taking over 85% of our household income for our mortgages, that was always a highly unlikely event!

So, you may be wondering. What have I actually achieved this year? Anything worth noting? Well as a matter of fact. Yes!

Apart from a relatively clean house, a well trained puppy and a cooking repertoire that makes my husband very excited to come home from work to see what I’ve made for dinner, all of which are quite good achievements of course!

I started the year with a five year old boy who was completely emotionally unstable. He was unable to sit in a class room for two hours out of the day without getting into trouble, stabbing someone with pencils, throwing chairs, flooding floors, tearing up other kids work or stripping naked and running out of the school grounds altogether. He was simply incapable of following any instructions given to him by his parents, and was largely very distant from us in an emotional sense. My whole family unit was stressed out. My husband and I were beginning to wonder what was going to become of us all and whether we might just have to move to a farm and start homeschooling him and not let him out in public!

What we have now is vastly different. OK, still not perfect, but well on the way to almost normal. Through a great deal of self change on our part, learning new skills as parents and generally keeping an open mind to the differences in the way our child is wired, combined with a small dose of Ritalin, we have turned the tide. We are confident that next year will see us sending a much more settled little fellow off to school. In the first term of next year, he will start being integrated back into regular school full time. He can follow our rules and instructions (some of the time, but moving up into a lot of the time, which is a damn sight better than none or very little of the time!). He is calmer and much happier. He is starting to realise that he is the child and that he isn’t expected to know everything, or do everything right straight away. He gives things a try now, and his emotions are starting to get under control. More importantly, he comes to us to organise his emotions now, instead of just letting them get the better of him and taking over his little body.

In the scheme of how a year may be used or wasted, if I am fair to myself and to everyone in my house, we have achieved a small miracle this year. We are a happier, healthier (as evidenced by our ever expanding waistlines 🙂 ), generally more contented family. I am really looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree soon. I’ll be making my house all glittery and shiny and lighty. Bring on the new year, and just see what I’ll get done next year! Presumably my husband would like, “get a job” to be somewhere on next year’s list! 🙂 Or at the very least “finish my book”. Every time I say, “I wish I could have one of those!” Or, “It would be nice if we could afford that.” His answer is a half smile followed by, “finish your book”. So maybe that will be his birthday present next year. Hee hee.



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