Revisiting old topics…again

I missed blogging last night because I am starting to bore myself to death with some of my inane and diary-esque type posts lately. Therefore I have decided to only blog every couple of days unless something very interesting happens. Hopefully that will allow my subscribers to actually have something to read rather than just finding out what goes on in my house each day, which is probably very boring. Except to my Mum, who of course really enjoys knowing what I had for breakfast, and where I went and who I spoke to each day 🙂

What a day I had today though. Man, it’s hot here in Sydney at the moment. Tropical, humid, melt your make up off, stick your skirt to your bum hot. We’ve had storms in the afternoons too, so you can’t even do a load of washing and hang it out because you know it will be pouring later that night. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of heat. I don’t like feeling all sweaty and shiny, with my hair stuck down on my head. I haven’t had time to wax my legs lately, so they really aren’t ready for this weather yet either!

Today my car was booked in for a service. I have a European car. It’s lovely. Black, shiny, tan leather seats. Sounded like a really good idea at the time when I bought it nearly 7 years ago. Big mistake. This car seriously costs me thousands of dollars every year in fixing stuff and getting it serviced! Every single time I take it in for a service, something major is wrong with it and they charge me over a thousand dollars! There was a grinding noise when I applied the brakes this last two or three weeks, and so I booked it in for a service. I booked it in for the $198 service. They assured me my car would be ready for pick up at 2pm so I would make it in time to pick up my son from school. I was happy.

I dropped the car off at the service center at 9:30 am then had them drive me to the train station, where I caught a train to my husband’s office. I felt all grown up and professional again in my old work stomping grounds. I strolled along with all the other high heel clad, smartly dressed attractive women who frequent North Sydney station. I bought a danish and a coffee at the popular place. I smiled and chatted to some friendly chaps while we waited for our coffee. Then I wandered on up to the office and my husband set me up at a desk so I could catch up on some book writing and reading. It was great! I even started thinking again how much I might enjoy going back to work.

Then I realised that if I did get a job here, I would be somewhat more stressed as I would HAVE to be there by a certain time. I would only be able to be there for four hours between school drop off and pick up, therefore causing me to have to work super fast and hard during those hours to fit eight hours of work into four hours of time. I would have to be there five days a week, therefore bringing me home stressed, tired, and with nothing done in the house and having to still do it all when I got home. So despite the woeful status of our bank account, I realised that it really wasn’t such a good idea yet.

It was a nice day though. I did some writing, I had lunch with my husband, and he walked me back to the train station. Finally the car service place called me.

“Hi. This is Joe from the service place.”

“Hi Joe, how’s my car going, I’m about to head back over there to pick it up for 2pm”

“Oh. Well, I just wanted to let you know that your front brake pads have worn right down through to the discs and the whole lot needs to be replaced. It’s going to be $850.00.”

“Arrrghh! Pardon?! Really?! I can’t drive it how it is?! If I approve the cost, can they actually do it today anyway? It’s 1:30 and I need the car for 2pm.”

“It’s really not safe to drive it the way they are. Yes, we can have it ready for just after 2pm if that will be OK?”

I slump in my seat, depressed and hating my car for yet again needing something done which now brings the entire service to over $1000…again. The THIRD time this year!! Do you know how many toys I could have bought my son for that amount?! I tell the guy to go ahead and fix it, because what choice do I really have? None.

My husband angrily looks up second hand Japanese manufactured cars with fixed price servicing deals. Alas, to buy one of those, we’d need a loan. No one will give us a loan. Hell, our bank doesn’t even know that I’m not working! If they did, they would probably die a loud and painful wailing death!

So on the train I get in the crazy heat, and head over to the service place. I arrived at their desk at 2:10pm. I was asked to wait in the waiting room. My car would be ready soon. As the clock crept towards 2:20pm I started panicking. My son finishes school at 2:30. It is a 10 minute drive at least from the service place to his school. I called the school to let them know I would be late, but I was on my way.

By 2:45pm I was really stressed. Apparently when they test drove it, there was still a problem and they had to take the brakes off again!!! ARRRGGHHH!!! I called the Dad of the boy who was coming to our house for an after school play date and asked him would he mind sitting with the boys until I could get there.

By 3:05 I was so frantic that even the guy behind the service desk came out and started yelling at mechanics to hurry up! Finally I just handed over my credit card, nodded madly as he told me to just go easy on the brakes until they were worn in a little more, and rushed out the door and got into my car and drove off in a dust spraying mad rush!

I arrived at the school, and of course the boys were just fine, despite the heat. One was hunting lizards, and mine was tipping ‘worm juice’ out of the compost worm farm on the school grounds. I don’t think he was really meant to be doing it, and when I asked if he was allowed, the Dad looking after him said,

“Yeah, I asked him that too, but he was very determined to keep doing it.

I was hot, flustered, and generally annoyed at all the money I had just spent, and now the boys were ignoring us, and wouldn’t get in the car. Picking up my son’s school bag I headed to the car and said,

“Anyone who isn’t in the cars by the count of ten doesn’t get an iceblock at my house! ONE!”

🙂 – They were both in their respective cars by count 3.

As I pulled up to our house and climbed over our wall, I heard a water rushing sound. Looking down the garden I saw that our outdoor tap next to the house had burst off from the hose. I must have left it turned on yesterday when the storm hit. Water was gushing all down our garden at a huge pace. I have no idea when it would have happened, but I can only imagine my next water bill is going to suck big time!

I came into the house, and my first thought after fixing the gushing tap was that I really needed the air conditioner on. Do you think the damn thing would turn on? No…. of course not. Dead. Too hot. Didn’t want to work. I had the other boy’s Dad sitting at my kitchen bench sweating, and trying to help me figure out why the stupid thing wasn’t working. I was starting to feel my frustration spiraling out of control. Where was my happy positive nature now? Melted I think. Somewhere in the bottom of my very nice suede high heeled sandals… pooling around the blister I got walking from the station to the office.

We reset the power circuit running the air conditioner and managed to get it on again. Ahhh… bliss. I don’t care about the power bill. If I’m going to go broke, I’m going to be cool and calm while I do it!

I did manage to find a positive later in the day though. I have been reading ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett. I finished reading it today (while waiting for my car to be ready). The heat reminded me of Mississippi and the women working in that heat. I have nothing to complain about. I remembered that, and I’m back on balance with myself again.

The day ended with the giant white puppy escaping no less than three times, and me having to chase him up the street and across numerous roads. He is no longer allowed out that side of the garden until we knock down that wall and build a taller fence. It’s just too easy for him to get out now. So life just became a little trickier. This weekend though, regardless of the weather I am knocking down that wall and going to Bunnings and buying the things I need for that new fence. I’ll build it myself if I have to. I could’ve hired someone to do it with all the money I spent on my stupid car, but too bad for me I guess!

Here’s looking forward to a calmer rest of the week!


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