It’s a small world after all – Benefits of an un-mowed lawn

I think I have mentioned before that my lawn is actually more like an expanse of weeds. Well, we have two sections to our rather large lawn (large by city standards). The front side is the bigger side and this is on the street bearing our address. The grass on that side is slower growing, and does actually have small patches that are not actually weeds. In summer, this lawn needs mowing approximately every 2.5 to 3 weeks.

The other side of our lawn backs onto a main road. There is a mesh metal fence, and everyone driving or walking past is able to see everything going on in it. In summer this needs mowing weekly due to the actual number of dandelion weeds.

It is a truly spectacular sight. Little yellow headed flowers (dandelions) grow with barely inches between each head. They all open in the morning and close up again at night, bobbing merrily on their long stems. It is not actually possible to mow this weekly as mowing it fills up our green bin, supplied by the local council (for a cost of course!) for residents to put their garden waste in. This bin is only picked up fortnightly for emptying in rotation with the yellow lidded recycling bin. Our lawn fills the green bin in only one mowing session, and therefore it is not possible to ever keep up a nice short lawn at this residence!

The effect this unkempt lawn has on the locals is very interesting though. It attracts attention. When you add a giant white puppy cavorting around amongst the flowers and a gorgeous blonde little boy pushing a Tonka truck…it attracts even more attention. Then when you combine all of those things with a wife who does the mowing more often than the husband living there, you create talk around the neighbourhood! I have actually had people stop and tell me how lovely that field of flowers looks as they drive past every day! I sometimes wonder if they can actually see that it’s all completely made up of noxious weeds! If they can, I don’t think they really care. Which is good.

I enjoy doing the lawn mowing. It’s good exercise, it’s outside, it gets me away from having to think about stuff or talk to people. I can just concentrate on mowing, maybe wear my iPod and just get on with some good, honest hard outdoor work. The only annoying thing about it is that people walking or driving past often stare at me. A little blonde woman pushing a huge red mower backwards and forwards and sweating…a lot… is probably quite amusing I guess.

Today, I met my husband up at the dentist where he was having a check up after I dropped our son off at his ‘monday school’. While I was in there, one of the dental assistants came out and sat next to me and whispered,

“I have your lounge!”

I was a little taken aback for a moment and thoughts went through my head such as,

“Is she holding my lounge for ransom at my house? Does she call husbands lounges?” I was a little confused!

Seeing the look on my face, she continued on.

“When you first moved into your house, you put a lounge out on the front grass and I was driving past and I asked you if you were getting rid of it!”

Bing! A light went on! Almost SEVEN years ago, I had found a beautiful antique chaise lounge, which only needed some touch up work and re-upholstering. It was a heavy thing and really good quality. Someone had dumped it in the basement of our unit. I thought I might be able to save it and so had my husband and his mates retrieve it and bring it to our new house. It was put on the grass out the front just while we were moving and making room in the garage. This was literally the actual day we moved into the new house. A lady did stop and ask me if she could have it. Since I was about to have a baby in 3 months, I figured I would probably never get around to fixing it and she clearly loved it. Anyway, this was the same woman! She still had the lounge seven years down the track and still loved it! She hasn’t re-done it as yet, but she has started, and she’s getting special sanding tools and upholstery from her husband for Christmas to fix it up. Wow. What a small world.

She also mentioned how lovely our dog was and how many ‘flowers’ we have in our grass. She always remembers our house as she walks past it each day to work. Nice to be renowned through the town for your weedy garden! I bet it really annoys our next door neighbour, as he always has perfectly mowed grass. He mows it into a direct line at the fence so that his short perfect grass is directly next to our long weedy one! He has also been seen outside with a cotton bud putting weed killer only on his occasional weed! Imagine how frustrating it is when my field of yellow flowers turns into a field of fluffy weed heads and when the wind blows it scatters them all around to all the perfect surrounding lawns. Oops! If were them, I’d mow my lawn for me just so I would stop spreading the love! Hee hee.

Well, with the weather warming up and the weeds on the rampage, I have been a good girl and mowed my main road side lawn today. The green bin will be picked up tomorrow, and I can mow the other side this week. I am determined this year to keep on top of my crazy lawn. I also really need to get the fence sorted as giant white puppy now likes just hopping over it in one short step and wandering about on the street! Eeek!



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