Friday Night Fun

Today I made Coq au Vin, which was very yummy. We sat down to a nice family dinner at the table and ate it all up with no complaints.

After dinner, we were having a little chat about our plans for the weekend and we decided to invite some friends over so their son and our son can play on our son’s new ‘slip’n’slide’. Our son had been complaining that he hadn’t been able to have enough turns at his party, due to their being so many kids in the line. Two will be just right. We were discussing how he and two other boys had most of the turns at they were most eager and the fastest at getting back in line. He then said,

“No! I felt like I was in black and white!”

We were a little confused about what that actually meant. So naturally, we asked.

“Like I was so old from waiting that I was in black and white!”

How very interesting! I wonder whether that is actually what happens to him when he feels like he’s waiting too long for something. Mind you, he can actually think 2.5 seconds is too long, which can be annoying and embarrassing when you are in shops or restaurants and you put through your request or order and then immediately he starts saying, very clearly and loudly “Why are they taking so long?! This is really just taking too long isn’t it!”

After our plans were made, phone calls had been completely and everything was arranged for tomorrow, we started playing our new wii game. Just Dance. Too much fun was had by all and we were all very hyper, tired, sweaty and over excited. This naturally led to a jump and romp on the trampoline and around the garden!

Having then discovered that mosquitoes were starting to appear, we quickly ran inside and started up on the wii again. This time Glee Karaoke. Only me singing, but my two background singers (well one singer really… who mostly jumps from one lounge cushion to the next whilst eating an apple), were great support!

Now, as the night rolls on, Daddy is putting the little darling to bed, and we are all looking forward to a grand adventure tomorrow searching for a new lounge suite before our ‘slip’n’slide’ friends come over. Ahhh lovely.

Have a great weekend!



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