I am in control…no really!

Tonight is going to be a quick one. As I walked around my house this morning, setting things to rights in preparation for the day, I felt great. I was thinking, ‘how good is this’. I am in control of my domain. I have the time finally today to get my house back in order after a crazy week.

So I started in the lounge room. I have a rule that all toys played with in the morning have to be packed away before leaving for school.

The photo below was taken after I  had packed all the tracks and trains back into the box…

I put that away, grumbling about how obviously that rule hadn’t been followed. Next, I turned around and saw this…

Let me assure you that giant white puppies, whether wearing ridiculous lamp shade hats or not, are NOT allowed to sit, let alone sleep on the lounge! I didn’t have the heart to shoo him off, and now I must suffer the consequences of probably always finding him there in the future!

Another thing giant white puppies are not allowed to do, is bring in the junk mail from the top of our wall where the delivery guy leaves it, and proceed to shred it…

Sigh…having cleaned up that mess, I thought, ‘right! Finally, I will get to sit down at my computer and do some writing.

The computer chair should have been free since I was the only person in the house…

Believe me when I say that cat is seriously hard to move once he’s decided to sit somewhere! Sheesh. Nothing is ever just easy. I think perhaps, the animals.. and their hair by the look of that dust bunny under the chair, are in control, and not me after all.


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