Sometimes Crazy Doesn’t Cut It

So, it’s Tuesday, but it feels like it should be Thursday. I have a tendency to feel like I don’t do very much during the day between school drop off and pick up. Sometimes I suppose I don’t do a lot. Other times though… man… I do a LOT!

Let’s take yesterday, Monday.

Up at 6:30am with son. Get him fed, drugged, dressed, washed, make his school lunch and then leave the house at 8:40am to get him to school for 8:50am. Walk home from school, in the front door, grab the dog, out the back door and walk the dog up to the vet to drop him off to be desexed. Walk home again. Shower with the speed of lightening, including washing my hair. Halfheartedly blow dry hair so it doesn’t look completely limp. Jump in the car to get up to the special school for a ‘Circle of Security’ training session starting at 10am.

Come home at 12pm and eat a quick lunch before getting back in the car loaded with various questionnaires and information sheets to go back to the special school for an update meeting regarding son at 1pm. Meeting went very well. Lots of positives and we were told that he can stay for the first term of next year, which is what we wanted for him. 2pm saw me back in the car, back home for a quick drink and a brief chat with husband about the update meeting and put a load of washing on. Back out the door to walk up to the normal school for 3pm to pick up son. Walk home again.

Play with son and provide afternoon snacks until 4:30pm then back in the car and head off to little ninjas. Finally an hour of reading my book while he does his class, but unfortunately it’s in a cold and very noisy foyer of the martial arts center on a main road! At 6pm, back in the car, head home, beep the horn out the front for husband to come out and get in the car so we can pick up the giant white puppy from the vet. Bring very groggy and sore puppy home. Eat some dinner, bathe the child, read him a story and put him to bed by 8:30pm. That was it… just a few things to do. Some how most of my days seem to end up like this!

Today I only had one official meeting to attend for two hours this morning, but the rest of the day was spent watching my crazy giant white puppy cavort around the garden and house with an Elizabethan collar on. He was found to have been licking his stitches this morning and so we had to take him back to the vet at 8am this morning and get one of those crazy lamp shade collars for his head to stop him.

A dog wearing one of those collars is truly an hilarious sight! He can’t quite orient himself properly in space and kept bashing the edges of it against furniture and then standing stock still as if something was going to move or change to help him move away from the furniture without him actually having to do anything about it. Eating and drinking was even funnier. The most crazy and funny thing however, I discovered this evening when I heard the cat making his complaining meow. I came out to find that the dog had managed to get the cat into the lamp shade collar and trapped him up against a wall. He wasn’t hurting him or doing anything to him except sniffing and licking occasionally, but trust me, it was a truly hilarious sight! I soon discovered that it wasn’t an accident! The giant white puppy had figured out how to repeat this so that he could have all the time he needed to smell that cat at his leisure! Geez! No wonder I’m so tired all the time!

I also caught my son on a couple of occasions, using the plastic collar to drum on…yes…while the dog’s head was in it. Crazy! But funny!

Let’s see what craziness tomorrow brings me!


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