Losing keys is what I’m good at

Considering I am not usually the type to lose things, I seem to be doing a bang up job of losing my keys lately. Today was a doozie! I took the dog for a long walk and run. I got to the end of the run only to find that I must have dropped my keys out of the pocket of my raincoat at some point in the journey. I was due to pick up an outdoor table from my mother in law and was therefore obliged to ring and tell her I would be late, as I needed to back track my entire walk to find my keys!

Having done the whole walk again and not finding my keys, I rang my mother in law and asked her to please drive me around and help me look.

Thankfully she wasn’t busy today!

We searched and searched to no avail. Eventually we decided to start the process of replacing my car key. We went to a lock smith but they said I needed an auto electrician as my car is a modern one with a microchip in the key for ignition. The quote to get a non remote replacement today was $350 for two keys!

I set the guy to it as I would need a car to pick my son up from school etc. We decided to take another look in the most likely section where I had been running and lo and behold…. My mother in law found them sitting on a brick wall! Hooray! I was very happy indeed. Unfortunately, that wasted almost my entire day and now tomorrow is going to be crazy as I catch up on party preparations!

When I called my husband to bemoan my key loss, what do you suppose his response was?

“You should take a back pack when you run!”

How very logical and frustrating! Especially since he is right. I have now decided to drag out a very daggy item from the nineties called a ‘bum bag’ or if you are in the USA , a ‘fanny pack’, which means something quite different here in oz!

So I’ll be the red faced blonde running with a giant white puppy, pink earphones and a red bum bag containing securely zipped up keys, dog treats and my phone doubling as my music player! Stylin’.


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