The drums were a hit!

My little boy received a drum kit this morning for his sixth birthday. I was a little apprehensive as to whether he would like the idea as I haven’t really ascertained yet whether he likes his drumming lessons or not. I usually have to bribe him to go to them!

Last night, my husband and I set up the drum kit in the lounge room, and stuck a huge bow on it. We also wrapped up a couple of new trains and some computer games and left the parcels on the drum kit stool. Our little one woke shortly before 6am, and came into our room first fortunately. We convinced him to stay in our bed until 7am by allowing him to play a game on my iPhone. At exactly 7am he announced that it was time to get up because,

“I am six now you know!”

We did get up and followed him out to the lounge room. Upon seeing the drum kit, he exclaimed,

“Mumma! What the…?! Did you go out and leave me alone last night while I was sleeping and go and get that?!”

Where he got that idea I have no clue, but we denied any such irresponsible parenting and assured him that it had been hiding around somewhere. He immediately started checking it out and was very clearly excited. He was also burning with curiosity about the parcels on the stool, and proceeded to tear into them wholeheartedly. Once he had seen what was in the presents, he was then satisfactorily able to attend to the very important business of figuring out how to turn the electronic drum kit on. The next hour or so saw him extremely happy, banging away on the drum kit! So it was a hit!

When asked what he wanted for breakfast, he announced excitedly that he wanted McDonalds. In our house, when it’s your birthday you get to do whatever you want, and so Mumma had to get dressed and head off to McDonalds at 7:45 in the morning. Blah. He was happy though.

The one down to his morning and day in general was all the phone calls. By the 2nd call this morning he was starting to get annoyed. We explained to him that one of the things about having a birthday was that you just had to put up with all the people calling you to wish you happy birthday and interrupting what you are doing. He barely spoke to his Nanna (husband’s Mum) when she rang, because she was the first. We explained about being polite and at least saying hello, and then “thank you” when someone wishes you happy birthday. The second caller was Nanny (my Mum). She reaped the benefit of a polite “hello!” and “thank you!” before he quickly said, “OK bye!” and hung up on her!

After that one, we said, it’s usually polite to lead up to saying goodbye by perhaps telling them you need to be going now because you really want to play with your presents or something like that. So when the 3rd call came from Grandad (my Father), he got to hear the drums being played, got a hello, a thank you and then,

“OK, sorry but I need to go and play my drums now! Bye!” before he was hung up on! We can’t complain with that though, he clearly listened to each bit of information we gave him, and applied them all in turn! Throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon though, he made me talk to anyone, or wanted it to go to the answering machine so that he didn’t have to talk to everyone. I indulged him…he was very busy!

A good day at school feeling very popular with his blue cupcakes, and then a lovely afternoon at home with a new garbage truck purchased with the infamous $20 (see previous post), drumming intermittently and making me fill and re-fill a tiny garbage bin with lego pieces so he could pick it up in his garbage truck over and over and he was a very happy six year old!

Just before we packed him off to bed, he contentedly said,

“Thank you Mumma and Dadda for a lovely birthday!” Awwww… that’s all we wanted really 🙂 – It was worth my sore back to make more cakes, and his favourite risotto, and let him have his once a year can of coke. Happy little boy, happy little family.

Now it is time for Mumma to rest her back, read her book and tomorrow start getting the house ready for the ‘proper’ birthday party on Saturday! Yikes!


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