Sydney Summer

OK, I know it’s not technically summer as yet, but three days in a row of roasting hot 32 degrees Celsius, with today getting up to 36 at some point makes me think that summer is here! Some thoughts about Sydney summers from my point of view.

Sydney Harbour fairly sparkles in summer. It truly is one of the most beautiful things to see on a blue sky day. For anyone who has never been here, the picture below is a true and accurate representation of what it is like to live and walk around Sydney in summer. Just stunning.

The sun of course is rather strong in Australia at this time of year, and you (well, me… as I’m lily white) can turn from pale to red raw in the space of half an hour without going through any of the in-between ‘tanning’ stages. In my opinion, the skin I have just allows me to wear eccentric large brimmed sun hats and large dark sunglasses. This of course, makes me look exceptionally glamorous, but don’t look too closely or you’ll see my grumpy expression as I drip with sweat!

Cicadas sing merrily in summer in Sydney. I love their chirping noises. The only time I don’t really appreciate it is when one has found its way into my house. Geez those things are LOUD! Otherwise, they herald the cooling of the evening and the promise of another hot sunny day tomorrow. Lovely.

Going to the beach is something I always used to enjoy when I was younger. There was a huge gap of years where I didn’t enjoy it so much. I hated getting all sandy and messy, and sun burnt. I also hated being seen in a bikini and somehow I became afraid of the waves. When I had my son, and discovered how much he loved going to the beach, I really had to get over all of that stuff because he needed me to go into the water with him and not be preoccupied with how I looked or where sand was making its way! I did get over all that, and now I just love going to the beach with my little one. In summer we go at least 2 or 3 times a week after school. 3:30 is just the best time to go to the beach. It’s still light and bright until about 8:30pm and you are past the worst heat of the day. The beach we go to is not so crowded at that time, and I have some really lovely memories of playing with my son in the waves. Bring on summer I say, so we can start doing that again soon! I will of course now have to take the giant white puppy who is a water freak as well. Thankfully the beach we always go to, actually has an off-leash area for dogs too. Yay.

Cricket….and Coke. Ahh these are two things I really enjoy in summer as well. Watching the cricket on TV when it’s too hot to go outside, and enjoying a cold glass of coke with ice while watching. There is something so comforting and relaxing about it. The great thing about cricket of course, is that you can watch it and do myriad other things at the same time because it takes so long for anything to actually happen!

This weekend, we finally got our paved stone area finished. We are so excited as we are now able to put a table outside under the shade of our NSW Christmas Bush (which is actually a rather large and tall tree…go figure). The chairs won’t sink into the muddy grass and the table won’t slant and tip everything off. Now we can really enjoy our summer evenings watching the boy jump on his trampoline, throwing a ball for the dog up the yard, and cooking sausages on our BBQ….which I really need to clean before next weekend.

I guess there is also the promise of Christmas holidays approaching as the weather warms up for us over here in OZ. For me, Christmas still feels more real when I visit my parents in the USA and enjoy a snowy Christmas. Despite this, having been born in Australia, and spent so many happy Christmas’s here, I do feel the excitement mounting as the weather warms up. I especially look forward to the great fruit cocktails my husband makes me when all the lovely mangoes and strawberries finally come back into season. We live on cold Italian meats, salads, and tropical fruits. Good for the figure!

So despite being rather hot and difficult to get anything done today, it has reminded me that summer is here, or close, and happy family times are ahead for us. Wednesday is my little boys’ sixth birthday! Difficult to believe he is already six, and yet, I feel like we’ve had him forever! Wherever you are in the world though, I hope my thoughts about summer in Sydney have given you a taste of relaxation, sunshine and family to go away with.


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2 Responses to Sydney Summer

  1. Anika says:

    Could you please please share the beach that you go to with your dog?
    Thank you x

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