5 ways to completely waste 30 minutes

Ever noticed how there are just some things in life, which you can’t help doing each day, but when you get to the end of the activity, you find yourself thinking ‘what a waste of time that was!’ Well I have. Here are my top five ways to waste 30 minutes of your life.

1. Facebook: Yes. That’s right. It’s actually a waste of time for the most part. Each day I log onto Facebook once or twice. I tell myself that I am being an interested friend/family member and that I am just checking up on what my ‘friends’ are doing. In theory, this is a great idea.

WARNING! I am about to be controversial and very likely offensive to many people I know who use Facebook. I apologise for any offence given. Just ignore me and carry on as you were. As stated above, I will very likely still log in and read what you wrote anyway!

OK. When I log on, I spend at least 10 minutes trawling through a never ending list of excessively boring and inane ‘status’ thingies. The majority of the things I read on there frustrate me no end because of the clear and evident lack of ability to either spell or use any kind of grammatical structure. The worst offenders are of course teenage children of my relatives and friends, but it is not confined to them unfortunately. Every single time I log on, I read through diligently, then spend another 10 to 15 minutes looking at the photos they’ve posted. Everyone’s life is as boring and uneventful as my own. Comforting I guess… but nonetheless a total waste of my time each day. I can only imagine how many minutes a day people are actually wasting on updating and logging on to add these irrelevant and useless banalities. Of course, for the ones whose lives are actually interesting and full of exciting adventures, they suck and I don’t want to know anyway because I’m jealous!

2. TV: That one is a no-brainer. I am helplessly guilty of wasting uncountable hours in front of the TV with many and varied episodes of crap followed by more crap. The only restriction I put on myself with TV is that I refuse to get cable or pay TV of any kind so that I won’t have more channels of crap to waste time watching! Despite knowing that it’s crap and it’s wasting my time, I cannot help watching it! A perfect case in point was last week. My son had been watching “Ice Road Truckers”. It’s probably not the most appropriate, but they bleep out the swear words, and all my son is really interested in is the fact that large colourful trucks have to drive right at the edge of a slippery cliff and squeeze past other crazy drivers. He watched it, and went to bed. After this show was a show called “Lockdown”. It’s about prisons. Nasty ones. Full of nasty people who did nasty things and still do nasty things, causing riots and the like and therefore making the prison have to be in “lockdown”. Despite telling myself at least four times that I couldn’t believe I was actually sitting there and watching it, and that I neither wanted nor needed to know any of the stuff they were doing or saying. I sat there for the entirety of the show in a hypnotic like trance! Glued with morbid fascination…not even able to turn it off when the ads came on! Big waste of time.

3. Reading news online: This one may only apply to me as every time I log in to check my hotmail, and then sign out, it takes me to the ninemsn Homepage. This homepage is full of the most bizarre and often awful stories they can drag up from around the world. Even as my hotmail is signing out, I am telling myself I WILL NOT read the stories. I WILL NOT click on any of the headlines (yes that’s right… you have to actually click on them to read them… and I do…damn it!) Celebrity news and kidnappings, shootings and parents doing horrible and illegal things to their children and each other. Nothing at all to do with any current politics or world news that I might actually benefit from knowing about. Just crap. Waste of time.

4. iPhone Apps: OK, they are kind of funky and cool and sometimes even extremely useful. It’s fun to check what apps are free and new in the app store. Realistically though, you could actually do hundreds of other more useful and worthwhile things in the time you spend testing out new apps and games on your phone. I am not the worst offender in our house for spending time playing games for hours with little to no purpose except that they were there and they were free. I have done it in the past though. I stopped, because the novelty wore off.

5. Cleaning my bathroom: I chose this one as it’s a pet peeve for me. I scrub my bathroom and make it sparkle every fortnight. In between, I basically have to clean it completely almost every day due to the little person in my house who thinks life is not worth living unless he’s peed on the floor immediately after I let him back into my sparkling and fresh smelling bathroom. He creates ‘waves’ while he’s in the bath, splashing warm, soap scummy, mud encrusted water all over the floors, walls, and cabinet. He smears toothpaste with gay abandon on the mirror that I have just cleaned and am finally able to actually see myself in again. He uses the shower as a place not to get clean, but to drive his dirty toy cars into so they can go through a car wash. He is completely and utterly no matter what threat, reward, incentive, restriction is offered to get his urine to go into the bowl of the toilet without colliding with either the seat, wall or side (that’s the OUT side) of the toilet! Therefore, cleaning my bathroom is a big waste of time!

Have a great weekend everyone.


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