The power of hair

Just like the famous Sampson deriving all his power from his long luscious locks, my giant white puppy relied on his creamy curls to enchant and bewitch. Hair (or in his case fur) is such an important thing. You only need to look at all the hair replacement creams and potions for men. The constant barrage of advertisements for hair replacement and re-growth clinics. You know those places are making a bucket load of money, whether they work or not. I personally know the difference a good hair cut versus a bad one can make to me. I’m not really talking about hair making a difference to a person’s intelligence (although ‘blonde jokes’ would suggest otherwise). Nor am I saying that having or not having hair can really change anything much in your life. I am talking purely visual, superficial attraction.

Some women look hot with long hair (I am one of those). Some women look awesome with shorter hair. Some look good with brown and others with blonde. The colour and length don’t actually matter as long as what is on the woman suits her. She will look fantastic. She will most likely also feel fantastic. I have had my blonde hair every shade from platinum to red and every length from down to my bum to short and turned up spiky. I know the two styles and colours which work best for me, but I keep trying something different now and then just for fun. I suit long honey blonde or bob length platinum equally well. Red is OK on me, but needs to be a short term colour.

Hair style and colour gives people an instant idea about what sort of person you are. Everyone has seen a girl walking down the street with purple hair on one side and green on the other and your immediate impression is not that she would be an office working professional in a highly paid corporate job. You are more likely to think she is either a student, or perhaps a highly paid artistic director or working within some artistic type media. She could of course be absolutely anything at all, but you won’t give her the chance to be a large number of ‘things’ based on her ‘crazy’ hair.

Back to the giant white puppy. Today he had his first proper groom at a grooming place. Awww. I felt almost like I was dropping my baby off at daycare for the first time when I took him there at 10am and was told he wouldn’t be ready until 2pm!! What?! I thought… he’s not THAT big! Anyway, the reason we decided to get him clipped was because of all the shedding (which he isn’t supposed to do since he is a ‘designer’ puppy specifically ‘designed’ not to shed!). He does shed. Lots. It’s annoying, but it’s too late, we love him. Anyway, the breeder suggested his puppy coat might be shedding and if we clip him he might not shed so much. So I thought OK, despite the fact that I just LOVE his completely shaggy coat to bits, I’ll give that a try. He is also visibly hotter with the onset of spring, so having less hair for summer will be good for him.

So this is what I dropped off at the groomers at 10am.









A beautiful, shaggy, giant white puppy. Golden curls, basking in his own furry magnificence.


Standing guard in my shining golden furry armour. Protecting my house from rogue birds, and unsuspecting delivery guys.

This is what I picked up from the groomers at 2:45pm this afternoon.

So embarrassed he had to hide his head!

Scary! What have you done to me!!!!! Arggghhh!

Poor puppy! I didn’t even recognise him! They grooming guy laughed at me as I completely ignored the white ‘poodle’ that was desperately trying to get my attention when I walked in! My poor poor giant white fluff ball. Poodleised before my eyes. How can he ever forgive me?!

His power is quite lost now. I don’t think anyone will gather around him to admire his beauty until his lovely fur grows back. And unless there is an absolute flea or cleaning emergency, I will stick to getting him trimmed rather than clipped!



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