Bath blogging

How great modern technology is these days. I can lie in a hot relaxing bath and write my blog using my phone. Of course it will suck if I actually drop my phone in the bath so I better be careful!

Had a great and very productive weekend. We dug up a small portion of our field of weeds in order to lay some recycled sandstone we have lying around. This is all an attempt to give ourselves a nice outdoor seating and eating area without actually spending any money! Now we have the rather daunting task of carrying all the blocks around and trying to piece them together in our dug out area. Of course we better do it fast as the giant white puppy has already discovered a love of lying in the dirt patch!
Our boy and his trusty Tonka truck was such a great help which always makes for a fun weekend. If only our energy could match his for trucking dirt around the garden!

Another non-awful day at school was also heartening for us. Touch wood, but we think the improvements at home are moving into his wider circle of activities.

He is still very funny though. For example, this morning I heard him talking to daddy while he was getting dressed.

Dadda: “what is this toy for?”

Son: “it’s like those really old mothers wrapped all around in bandages.”

Daddy: “pardon? What old mothers?”

Son: “you know! The old mothers and when they die they wrap them all up in bandages.”

Daddy: “oh! You mean Mummies! They can be anyone! Not only mothers!” So cute.

Also on his fiftieth truck full of dirt on the weekend he stopped and abandoned his truck to pick up a shovel. Daddy said,

“Hey! Put that down it’s too big and heavy for you. ”

Son: “No, I can do it”

Daddy: “But your job is the truck driver and dirt dumper!”

Son: very calm and as quick as a whip in between shoveling, “Well I quit!”

Maybe you had to be there to hear the way he said it, but it was really funny!

I have a super busy week this week so hopefully it will give me stuff to blog about but now my bath water is going cold and I must exit!


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