What are you good at remembering?

Having officially run out subject matter for the time being, I have resorted to using the suggestions given by wordpress. After all, this blog wasn’t just meant to be about the difficulties we faced in finding the right treatment for our son. It was also, and perhaps more importantly, about getting into the habit of writing something every day. It has drifted towards being a daily update on my general life, which I know has been used by family and friends as a way of keeping up with my comings and goings. It is time however, to ‘pull my finger out’ and get writing again!

Once again, I have set a deadline for finishing my novel, and once again it kind of looks like I might not meet it. Sigh. My ‘writing buddy’ and I are going to have to meet very soon and kick each other very hard in the butt to make us send those things we arranged to the appropriate places. She knows who she is, and she can expect an email from me shortly!

So. What are you good at remembering?

Myself, I am great at remembering conversations, written words, spoken words and sung words. So in short….words.

Before I had my son I was much better at remembering most things, but now I restrict my remembering to things I am interested in. My iPhone picks up the slack in the calendar and notes function for the rest of it. I have never been particularly good with numbers, but I can remember them when needed, which is also useful. I think my previous career helped me out there as sometimes when you are checking through reams of data, it is useful to be able to remember certain important numbers to know whether things are matching up or not. Enough of what I’m not good at… how is that useful? It isn’t. Right. Now I’m actually talking to myself in a post! Eeek, this is surely not good! OK I’m taking control of my brain again.

I can learn a song, which is effectively a poem (in most cases, but there are of course many exceptions in today’s modern music where things tend to be repeated lots, and don’t make much grammatical sense when you get down to it) in about four or five times of listening to it. If I write it down a few times, it will be stuck there forever. If I sing it a few more times, it is also stuck there forever. I can still remember almost every word of three hours of the musical Les Miserables. This includes different parts being sung over each other in certain points. I loved this musical so much that when I was about 13 or 14 years old, I actually took a notebook with me to my Dad’s cricket matches on the weekend and sat under a tree with my pink Sony Walkman and my three double sided tapes of Les Mis, and started and stopped the tape and wrote down every word and every part. I then proceeded to listen to the soundtrack over and over until I knew it. That was a really…really long time ago. I still know it. Perhaps if I could somehow forget it, that would free up three hours of memory I could use for something more useful?

My ability to recall conversations nearly word for word has helped me out on a number of occasions. It is a skill that my husband finds particularly cool and irritating. Cool when I use it on other people or to tell him something that happened in my day. Irritating when I use it on him in arguments…ahem… discussions. 🙂 – This is a skill my son has picked up, which my husband also finds irritating. My son and I are both exceptionally good at recalling words spoken to us when we weren’t actually paying attention. For example, my husband might be trying to tell my son something and my son will be driving his toy cars and talking over the top of my husband. Thinking that he hasn’t heard what was said to him, my husband will say, “what did Dadda just say?”. My son will sit for a moment and his eyes will look up into his head (just as mine do in the same kind of moment. I know exactly what is happening. He is pulling out a recording of what was happening in the room a moment ago.) He will then proceed to repeat word for word what my husband had said. Clever chap. He can thank his Mum for that one in the future! I must admit though that sometimes, he pulls out a very funny word because he might not have understood the one his Dad used, and replaces it with the most likely one from his own vocab.  It’s a really really great way to get out of trouble in the classroom when you weren’t paying attention or when you were talking at the same time as the teacher! Not that I’ll ever tell him that though.

I can remember lines from movies quite well….depending on my interest in them. I used to be great at remembering quotes from books, but I don’t seem able to do that one anymore. Perhaps it’s age? I also used to be very into drama, and while I was a good enough actress to score parts in the school plays, I was also often asked to be the stage manager due to the fact that I was so good at remembering not only my own lines and cues, but everyone else’s too. I would learn the entire play; script and directions from beginning to end. I was quite a handy gal to have around. Since I don’t do drama anymore, I can’t say whether I would still have that ability.

Oh! I just remembered something else I was good at remembering that really got me both into and out of trouble! I used to play the flute. (Please don’t judge me on that!) I was quite good at it, but I couldn’t actually read music. What I could do, was remember the entire piece of music by ear if I played or heard it a couple of times. That was quite funny as my teacher thought I was great when I played things for her seemingly without effort in reading. The trouble started when I was given a new piece of music either in class or at band practice. Eeek! Too funny! How embarrassing though. I had to wait for everyone else to learn it and then copy from them by what I could hear. It soon became evident that I could only get so far using this method and I promptly gave up rather than actually learn to read music. Weird that I took that choice… but hey… I was playing the flute, and really, who wants to admit they play the flute for heaven’s sake?!

So… What are you good at remembering?




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One Response to What are you good at remembering?

  1. Neeks says:

    What a cool and unique ability to have. That’s pretty neat!

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