Punish me properly!

Ok we are happy that things are changing with our little boy but now the thing is I don’t really have much to blog about! Phew! How great that he just isn’t in trouble so much now. We are also noticing a marked difference in his affection which is lovely. Previously we just thought we didn’t have a child who likes cuddles or hand holding or kissing. Now I think it was just that those activities forced him to stay still or restricted his movement, over which he had no control and so they were stressful to him. It’s lovely now that he will actually come and have a cuddle voluntarily.

Even with all these changes though, he is still a funny little fellow. My husband puts him to sleep by letting him have a turn of reading whatever book my husband is reading on his kindle for android. They read together so that my son only has to read the bits he can.
Tonight while they were reading, my son slid the bar and moved the page position on the book. When my husband made no reaction, my son said.
“I slid the thing. I am stupid. I did it by purpose and I should be punished now!”

Dad: “You don’t need to be punished you didn’t do anything wrong. I know where it was up to so no problems!”

Son: “No! I did it by purpose and so you should punish me for doing that.”

Dad: “Ok. There” (giving him kisses) “that’s all I can do because you did nothing requiring punishment!”

Son: “Daddy! If you can’t punish me properly then you can just leave!”

I mean really! How are you supposed to take that without laughing?!

There was also the in ident on the weekend when he decided to have a go at one of his fighting tantrums with me. He half heartedly started hitting and kicking out at me so I followed procedure of the gentle hold to prevent me or him being hurt. After a short time he stopped struggling Nd said to me,
“don’t you remember the new hold they taught you at family admission?”

Me: “Yes I do. Do I need to use that on you?”

Son: “Yes” resumes his fighting

I got him onto his tummy on his bed and used my knees next to his hips to prevent him from twisting. Then I spread his arms and made bridges with my hands over his wrists, then put my feet around his ankles and sat back on my heels. This way there is no force on the child and they can’t bite or headbutt which is always useful! By this time he had stopped struggling and turned to me and said,
“hmmm that kind of hurts my legs a bit with your shoes. I don’t think I’ll do that anymore.” And as soon as I let him up he complied with what I had originally asked him to do! Little monkey! He just wanted to see what the hold felt like!


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