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Frigging tissue!

My giant white puppy has a fondness for tissues, which means that there may often be a tissue lying around on the floor. When you have a child like mine who never walks anywhere but always runs, and we have … Continue reading

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To procrastinate, one must first find other things to do…

I am becoming remarkably adept at procrastinating. Procrastination is such a ridiculously long word that you can in fact procrastinate in getting to your point simply by writing it in your sentence! I live in a fairly old house and … Continue reading

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Why are dogs easier to train than children?

I am super duper tired tonight and feeling either slightly uptight or perhaps slightly relieved… not sure which. The result being that I am kind of just hanging on and waiting for something to happen. We are feeling much better … Continue reading

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Bah! Why does everyone think kids HAVE to socialize?

Ahh headache gone, back to ‘normal’. So how did my little man do on his third full day at his normal school today? Well, if you don’t count the running away three times; throwing sand at someone; throwing chairs at … Continue reading

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Oh the guilt!

Having developed a head cold that was slowly coming on since yesterday afternoon, I find myself in a rather guilty position this evening. I basically spent the entire day in bed just so that I would have enough energy to … Continue reading

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Getting over myself and getting on with it

Today was a bit of a struggle for me emotionally and physically. I think I may be coming down with a cold, I had to do puppy advanced training tonight and this afternoon I discovered that my little boy had … Continue reading

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What makes you burst with happiness?

I would guess that there are many people out there like me when it comes to that amazing feeling of bursting happiness that just can’t be contained. I get it quite regularly and surprisingly, when I examine what gives me … Continue reading

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