School Holidays… Day 1

Oh dear.. I missed Friday.. I am not sick. I am not dead. I just plain forgot!

So here we are on Monday evening. I have been singing my throat and heart out to the Glee Wii game. What fun! I love it! So do my boys. It’s so funny how my little boy jumps up every now and then if I am disappointed with my score and says,

“Let me do it! I am really good at that song!”

Then he gets some dismal score simply because he cannot read or gets stage fright or some such. However, if he sings along without the mic in his hand, he knows all the words so doesn’t need to read! He also knows the tunes and sounds great! There is just something about holding the mic and everyone watching which spoils his talent šŸ™‚

Today we went to see the Smurf movie. That’s 1.5 hours of my life I’ll never get back! I used to love the Smurfs! Loooooved them! Sigh. The movie was cute I guess, but I felt like I was sitting there for 5 hours! My little one got very fidgety towards the end too and we had to do a toilet run, and then have a little scuffle in our seats about sitting still until the very end! The movie and a run around at the park though saw a nice end to day one of the school holidays.

We are doing our family admission at my son’s special school next week (we go and live at the school and receive intensive therapy and counselling on how to deal with special needs kids), so really I only have this week to entertain him. Since his Nanna is taking him up to his Great Grandpa’s ‘farm’ (a block of land which is full of sheds and junk and quad bikes as opposed to actual crops or animals) that means I really only have to entertain him for three of the five working days of this week! I get off lightly this time!

Now, on Friday I really could have blogged about how annoyed I was with the rugby yet again! I just don’t understand why are aren’t allowed to see the coverage of the world cup for free and live! Not only that, I was hugely annoyed at the recent move in the sporting world of TV coverage that has seen betting placed as a very high priority! We constantly hear about people who are ruining their lives with gambling, and yet they actually advertise the betting companies and discuss the odds for the game during the commentary! That is just so awful it makes my blood boil! Please! If sport is all about the betting now, then at least keep it hidden like it always used to be! Ok of course people will bet on it. Of course they will head down to their local pub to watch the game and maybe have tipping pools at work or with their mates. Even using the big betting agencies is fine. But I want to know why it has to actually be spoken about and advertised during the game and in the ad breaks! Ok I’m not so naiive as to really wonder ‘why’ but I hate it all the same!

Now, I am only doing a short blog because I am right in the middle of reading Jane Eyre and either I have never read it before or totally didn’t remember or get it the first time because this time I am loving it and can’t put it down! Fascinating!


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