Why we love our street

You know you live in a good neighbourhood when you are planning to build a fence and one of your considerations is that you actually want people not only to be able to see over it but also reach over it!

It is so lovely that we currently have a knee high brick wall at one end of our yard and a metal wire fence at the other. We have no shrubs or trees and are therefore wholly exposed to all passers by when we are in the yard. In some places this would be less than desirable, but in our case it’s great!

There are so many interesting and lovely people who pass by our house each day, and while we don’t know their names, we often have a chat and say hello. For us this is really helpful. Having a child who is not really concerned with staying in his own yard and craving adult conversation all the time has made our brick wall something of a ‘talking point’ (pun intended).

Our son sits on the wall and chats to the passers by. This means that everyone knows him, which in turn means they look out for him and our house. Old men who do their twice daily walk stop to sit and rest on our wall and have a chat. It’s lovely. I can also see the goings on from inside the house which makes me feel happy. And I like how the people always look for me and don’t move on until they’ve caught my eye and waved to me.

Now that we have the giant white puppy, he also attracts a lot of attention. People with dogs and children will stop to lean over the wall and give him a pat. I have even been told that people are changing their walk route to ensure they pass by our house so they can visit giant white puppy!

All of this is why we are taking special care to build our new fence in such a way as to keep the child and puppy in more easily but still allow them both to continue this outside contact. I am even going to put a bench seat on the street side so that the old guys won’t miss having a rest mid walk!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone could think about fences in this way instead of using them to hide behind and keep the world out?


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