Quietly Confident…And Adult Time With Friends, Pizza and Rugby

Well, day two of medication trial and we are quietly confident that it is actually making a difference. This morning he was super excited about the Astro Boy day at school and going to school dressed up as Astro Boy. He was very wriggly and struggling to focus and listen. Then about an hour after I gave him the medication with his breakfast, he was still excited, but noticeably calm. He wasn’t swinging his arms around continuously or running everywhere. He was actually walking, which we don’t see often! He also completed a number of usually impossible tasks after being asked only once rather than a continuous string of ever increasingly frustrated requests!

His teacher said that he did his work incredibly well today as well. We are not entirely sure yet whether he was just in a really great mood and did his work because they made every subject about Astro Boy today, or whether he actually was better able to concentrate. For now, though, we keep going and keep our fingers crossed!

On other notes, how nice is it to get a little quality adult time without any children around?! Tonight was so simple, yet so pleasant. Nanna looked after the little boy and I met my husband at his office with some workmates to watch a rugby world cup match and eat pizza. It really was a lot of fun. Now you might wonder why, living in Australia, and with the rugby world cup being on in New Zealand, we are unable to watch matches live on free to air TV? Well so are we!

It is so frustrating! Not only less ‘illustrious’ matches aren’t live on free to air but neither are the actual matches that Australia is in! Free to air is playing the bigger matches, but on a delay. If you want to actually watch any other match, like tonight with Japan vs Tonga, you have to have access to pay TV. That is why we were congregating in a board room with the large TV! It was fun that way though since we otherwise might have watched at home alone I guess. It’s also nice when you come into a board room and people who work there, and are in charge of important stuff start asking you when you are going to come and start working there. Gives one a feeling of confidence. Hopefully my parents will be able to move back from the USA some time in the next year or so and then we will have a chance to have them pick our son up from school so that I can go and get a real job!

On that note, however, I have been getting on with my writing lately and that hasn’t been pushed to the back, which is great! Onwards and upwards I say! 🙂

I am required to go now and fulfill the ‘Gleek’ in me! 😉


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