If I were a rich man…..

Firstly, a quick update on the “M” day. Nothing to report thus far. I sent him off to school just before it would have kicked in, and I didn’t really get to hear whether it had any particular effect or not. He did have a good day, with only one time out. He also threw his new watching into a drain just before home time, but I think he had just finally had enough of things which were annoying him throughout the day. So we wait and keep watching each day 🙂

Now, this morning my son was so cute and funny. He found a little money container in one of his toy boxes and came in to my room with it to show me how much money he had. It wasn’t much, and it was mostly British pence, which weren’t going to help him much! After we had established that he only had 5c in Australian money, he started to think about saving money and what could be done with it. Firstly I asked him where his ‘tooth fairy’ money was, because he should have $4 from that, since I know he hasn’t spent it. He informed that he had put it in the ‘baby wisher’ money box. A blue ceramic money box which doesn’t have an opening so you have to smash it, and when a baby is born, everyone is supposed to put some money in it and a special wish for the new baby. He told me had put both $2 coins in and had wished that I would have a new baby, and that it would be Astro Boy! Funny child.

As we walked around the house getting ready for school, he started telling me about how he was going to start saving up all his money in the money box.

Son: “I will save up so much money! I can save all the England money and buy lots of sweeties when we go back to England. I will save all the Australian money and I will buy Havoc (our cat) lots of cat biscuits and treats. I will buy Moppett (our dog) lots of chew toys and tuggy toys and bones. I will buy Mummy lots of lovely pretty dresses, and shoes and make up stuff and take her to the theatre a lot. And I will buy Daddy as many work shirts as he wants and pants and games!”

How cute! I had to love the thought that went into it, and how Daddy must only want work shirts and pants and computer games! He obviously observes us more than we probably think he does!

Short but sweet post tonight as I am babysitting Corey’s friend, and they are playing Mario Cart for the moment, but I must keep vigilant!


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